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May 16, 24

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React.js also referred to as React, is a JavaScript library that is open-source and free.  Facebook initially created it, now Meta and the open-source community maintain it.

React's flexibility to be used as much or as little as desired is one of its benefits. For instance, you can use just one React component on a single page or build your entire website in React.

As a result, more and more students gravitate towards learning React JS. Also, the average annual salary for a React JS developers in India is 4.8 lakhs, ranging from 1.8 lakhs to 12.0 lakhs.

The typical annual salary for a React JS developer in Chandigarh is between Rs. 3.2 lakh and Rs. 4.0 lakh. 

If you are interested in getting a React JS job or internship in Mohali, Chandigarh, or any other part of India, read the guide to learn how to become a competent React JS developer. Furthermore, this blog will also tell you more about the required hard and soft skills for this role.

How can you become a React JS developer?

How can you become a React JS developer

Here we have listed a few steps you can follow to become a React JS developer and quickly get a job.

Besides that, we have also discussed the hard and soft skills on which you can work.

1. Decide on a focus.

React Library is, first and foremost, a front-end development toolkit. Programmers use it to manage an application's view layer, which only addresses the parts of a page that users can see.

In contrast, JavaScript, a full-stack technology, is the foundation of the React library. Full-stack technologies can be used to create an application's front end and back end. 

React only interacts with the view layer of an application. Still, it can be combined with back-end frameworks to support server-side development. Because of this, aspirant React developers can concentrate on front-end or full-stack learning development.

Front-end web development

Front-end web development

The majority of React developers concentrate on front-end work. Content organization, visual style, and interactive user experiences are part of front-end development (UX). A front-end development professional certificate is a great way to acquire the skills required to qualify for an entry-level position.

Full-stack web development

Full-stack developers work with server-side frameworks and languages like Node.js, Django, and Python in addition to creating the user interface.

2. Obtain the necessary abilities.

Although employment in the software development industry is expanding faster than average, React.js candidates must possess a competitive skill set. To choose which fundamental abilities to concentrate on, consult the list below.

Programming, stylesheets, and markup languages

React is a JavaScript library. It is essential to understand the programming language and its uses. HTML and CSS are additional topics that React developers should concentrate on learning.

Code repositories.

Software developers manage and track their source code history using code repositories like GitHub and BitBucket. You can learn how to use Git version control and begin developing your portfolio.

React developer tools

You can easily manage the development of your application if you know how to use the React developer tools. Redux, for instance, is a state management library that is open-source. React developers frequently use Redux to centralize and manage application states.

3. Relevant degrees

A B.Sc. in Computer Science, M.Sc. in Computer Science, or a degree in related field is often the first step in the career of a software developer. Degrees with a UX and UI emphasis may be available from some universities. For those who want to become React developers, these fields of study can be beneficial.

Although employers only sometimes demand it, higher education can be advantageous.

4. Enhance your resume.

When you lack prior work experience, transitioning into a new position can be intimidating. Software developers can create portfolios of their work instead of expertise.

These portfolios give you a chance to highlight your unique skills and expertise. Developers from all backgrounds can independently create and manage projects thanks to open-source tools like React.

Consider starting with a guided project if you are still trying to figure out where to start.

5. Professional Certificates

Obtaining a professional certificate is another way to showcase your skill set without prior experience. As was already mentioned, user interfaces and experiences are the main focus of work for React developers. A specialization in UI or UX can aid in showcasing your skills.

Future React developers can use Google's Professional Certification in UX Design to create three different end-to-end applications.

What are the most prominent hard skills for a React JS developer?

What are the most prominent hard skills for a React JS developer

Here, we list the superior skills of a React JS developer.

1. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript's core principles.

Going back to the fundamentals is necessary for the first step in understanding React JS because HTML, CSS, and JavaScript serve as the foundation for all websites and individual web pages.

2. JSX

JSX is an extension of the ReactJS environment and is regarded as a crucial component of React, just like HTML and CSS are. ReactJS's syntactic extension, JSX, is used for a large portion of the interaction.

3. JavaScript Fundamentals and ES6

React JS and Javascript are inseparably linked, so if you do not understand Javascript, you do not understand React. That's all there is to it. You should familiarize yourself with ES6 and become proficient with it in addition to JavaScript.

4. Variables and scope

Using the "var" keyword when storing variables is standard procedure. However, if you use React, you might be one step ahead. It suggests that React developers may refrain from using var when it is unnecessary with the aid of ES6 and a few specific keywords like "let" and "const."

5. Arrays and objects

If you work as a React JS developer, you must understand how to modify object values while changing property values.

6. Git

Nearly all developers, including aspiring developers, are familiar with the Git platform. As you are all aware, the Git platform is a distributed version control system. It is free and supports all development needs.

It speeds up the coding process for React developers by effectively writing code using libraries for React JS-based web applications. Git can assist full-stack developers who want to keep track of even the slightest change made to the application codebase. You must be well-versed in the basic Git commands and examples.

7. DOM and Event Handling Facility

When using React, it's rare to manipulate actual DOM elements. React wraps the native event object returned by standard DOM manipulation into a SyntheticEvent. Using "on clicks," "on change," "mouse enter," and other similar expressions, you can associate HTML elements with various kinds of events. Additionally, if you want to use any other feature, you can always use the JSX extension.

8. Redux

Most developers have been learning to use Redux to manage asynchronous state updates. For this reason, Redux was developed; it aids in managing React's scalability.

Redux is a state management library that manages more than React. It is more of an opinionated method of handling data than a framework. Functional programming and immutability are concepts that are similar to Redux.

What soft skills do you need to get a React JS developer job?

what soft skills do you need to get a React JS developer job

You require the following soft skills:

  1. Effective communication 
  2. Analytical skills
  3. Effective time management skills
  4. Ability to learn
  5. Observation of details
  6. Teamwork
  7. Creativity
  8. Accountability
  9. Problem-solving ability
  10. Good with deadlines


Learning the above-mentioned hard skills is undoubtedly essential, and practicing the commonly asked React JS interview questions is also beneficial. You can look up these React JS interview questions on the internet.

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