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May 31, 24

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Relinns Careers Website


QA professionals ensure the quality and reliability of software products and systems. They are responsible for testing software applications, identifying defects, and ensuring that products meet specified requirements and standards before they are released to end-users.

According to a report by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, QA jobs are growing at a 13% rate in the US alone, a much higher rate than the average for all other occupations.

According to a report by NASSCOM, the IT-BPM(Business Process Management) industry is projected to reach $350 billion in 2025, which means a continued rise in QA jobs all across the board.

The average base salary of a QA tester in India is Rs. 524,326, and the entry-level salary is Rs. 427,799, much higher than other professions.

The advent of AI and Machine Learning is revolutionizing the QA process. Testers can automate the process, prioritize bug fixing, deliver superior results with fewer resources, and predict occurrences and changes that can lead to more defects.

This article will discuss the best Quality Assurance internships in the Mohali and Chandigarh tri-city areas.

1. QA Internships for Freshers in Mohali

QA Internships for Freshers in Mohali

Internships have gained much prominence in the tech industry because companies are increasingly adopting the apprenticeship hiring model. Companies are hiring promising freshers as interns, who they can groom into full-time employees who fit well into their work culture.

Tech internships are a great way for freshers to gain real-world industry experience, which they can leverage to jump-start their careers. They can refine their skills and gain practical knowledge,  networking, and expert mentorship from senior developers.

Many Tier-2 cities are rising as IT centers these days, and Mohali has seen significant growth in the IT sector in recent years. The government is proactively promoting the growth of the IT sector and has established incubation centers across India.

Even though the growth of the number of companies is significant, freshers find it increasingly difficult to look for good opportunities. But don’t worry. The top companies that offer a QA internships in Mohali are as follows.


2. Knick Global

Knick Global

Knick Global is a game creation company specializing in NFT integration and 2-D and 3-D game design. By blending technology and creativity, they provide immersive gaming experiences. They specialize in mobile app, PC, and HTML5 game development.

QA is a big part of the game development process. QA job responsibility includes functionality testing, compatibility training, usability testing, performance testing, and localization testing. During your QA internships, you will identify and document bugs, communicate and collaborate with design teams, and work closely with developers and coding teams to ensure the game's best performance.

Established in 2018, Knick Global seeks motivated, enthusiastic, and perseverant candidates. You can visit their careers page to apply for the positions directly.


3. Relinns Technologies

Relinns Technologies

Established in 2016 by an IIM Udaipur alumnus, Relinns Technologies has emerged as a mobile app and web development leader. Headquartered in Mohali, it offers technological solutions to numerous global clients. Other services Relinns provides are chatbot development and ordering and delivery platform development. Their work has been featured in the top media houses like BBC News and ABP News. 

Relinns offers great internships for freshers in the QA domain. They have a nice balance between work and personal life. You get to work in a flexible environment, learn from experts, and have supportive management. Plus, there are excellent opportunities for career advancement.

During your QA internships, you will test applications for functionality across different mobile platforms, ensuring they function correctly across different mobile models, screen sizes, and operating systems. You will ensure no potential vulnerabilities and user data remains protected.

You can apply for QA internships directly on their careers page.




Finexera is a cloud computing payment-processing company based in Chandigarh. They provide product management, delivery management, technical writing, and database administration services.

During your quality assurance internships, you will create comprehensive test strategies and plans, organizing test cases for easy access and reusability. You will also develop and execute automation scripts, analyze results, and perform manual testing while diligently tracking defects and reporting your daily progress to your lead. 

They seek individuals who can learn quickly and grow with the company. You can apply directly to their careers page.


5.GrayCell Technologies

GrayCell Technologies

Founded in 2004, GrayCell Technologies provides custom Web & App Development Solutions. The other services include cloud-based services, website maintenance, QA testing, and user experience.

During your quality assurance internships, you will assist in executing test cases and scripts to identify software defects, ensuring the reliability and quality of the software. You will review and analyze software requirements to guarantee testability, contributing to creating and maintaining thorough test documentation. 

Additionally, you will participate in regression testing to validate software changes and updates, collaborating closely with developers to identify, document, and track software defects using bug-tracking tools, fostering a collaborative approach to issue resolution.

You can apply to GrayCell Technologies through the online job portal Glassdoor.


6. Krescent Global

Krescent Global

Krescent Global offers diverse IT solutions and services, including mobile app and web development, cloud services, and enterprise mobility solutions. Their expertise extends to various platforms such as iOS, Android, and hybrid app development and web technologies like PHP, WordPress, and Magento. 

Additionally, the company provides specialized services in areas such as IoT development, real-time mobile app development, and enterprise mobility management.

As part of your QA Internships, you will create tests to identify software problems, ensuring the robustness and reliability of the software. You will analyze bugs and errors found during tests, documenting results comprehensively for the software development team's reference. 

Additionally, you will recommend improvements in the software to enhance user experience, motivating the development process for efficiency and performance. 

You will also collaborate closely with software developers to enhance and improve programs while continuously researching and comparing similar competitor products to maintain updated knowledge of industry trends and advancements.

You can apply to Krescent IT Labs through their careers page or through job listings on Glassdoor.




uEngage offers services and products designed to empower restaurants and drive revenue growth. Their Edge solution enables restaurants to launch ordering apps, providing features like zero commission and customer data ownership. 

Prism, their customer marketing automation platform, helps businesses engage customers with multi-channel campaigns and analytics. 

Additionally, uEngage provides Flash for delivery management, real-time tracking, and ONDC for exclusive seller opportunities within the ONDC ecosystem.

During your QA Internships, you will conduct testing of web and app-based applications across multiple platforms, ensuring product functionality and compatibility. You will create detailed and comprehensive test plans and cases to evaluate software performance systematically.

Additionally, you will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to identify and document bugs, develop automated test scripts, and contribute to continuously improving QA processes and methodologies.

You can apply to uEngage through Glassdoor.


8. Jupitice Justice Technologies

Jupitice Justice Technologies

Jupitice provides various digital justice services and solutions, including Small Claims Bench, Mediation Bench, and ODR services. The company also offers various products, such as The Digital Room and The Digital ADR Centre, and solutions like Government as a Platform and Quasi-Judicial Platform. 

They aim to simplify digital access to justice using artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology.

As a crucial part of your QA internships, you will ensure the quality of product delivery to customers, striving to achieve certified releases. You will establish solid relationships with team members to understand the vision and priorities of our business partners, facilitating effective collaboration. 

Additionally, you will design, develop, and execute test strategies, working closely with software development teams to root cause issues and ensure seamless integration testing.

You can apply to Jupitice through Glassdoor.


9. RGB Web Tech

RGB Webtech offers various web design and development services, including responsive web design, UX/UI design, and e-commerce website design. Their digital marketing services encompass SEO, SEM, SMO, and PPC advertising, among others, to enhance online visibility and drive business growth. 

Additionally, they provide app development services, internship opportunities, and technology-related blogs covering diverse topics in the field.

In your QA internship, you will collaborate with project managers, developers, and business analysts to grasp project requirements and objectives effectively. You will be responsible for developing comprehensive test plans, test cases, and scripts based on software specifications and user stories. 

Additionally, you will execute various tests, including functional, regression, integration, and security testing, utilizing testing tools and frameworks to automate test cases wherever applicable.

You can apply to RGB Web Tech through their Internships page or Glassdoor.



CloudSmartz provides Acumen360, a digital transformation platform tailored for communications service providers (CSPs), to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. This platform offers end-to-end digital customer experience portals with diverse tools such as service orders, provisioning, billing, and reporting. 

Additionally, Acumen360 incorporates out-of-the-box features like middleware, configurable dashboards, intelligent chatbots, and modules such as Acumen CPQ and Acumen Service Orchestration for multi-vendor management and inventory tracking.

During your QA internships, you will utilize your experience in API Testing, Security, and Database Testing to ensure the reliability and security of software systems. You will also apply your expertise in Functional Testing using TestNG, JUnit, and Maven, as well as Automation Testing tools like Selenium with Java and Cucumber frameworks. 

Additionally, you will leverage tools such as Rest Assured and Rest Client with Groovy for API Testing, Jenkins for CI/CD, and JMeter for performance testing, ensuring comprehensive testing coverage across various aspects of software development.



In conclusion, QA internships offer valuable opportunities for freshers to gain practical industry experience, refine their skills, and kickstart their careers in the tech sector. 

With the rapid growth of the IT industry and increasing demand for skilled QA professionals, QA internships provide a stepping stone for aspiring individuals to enter the field and contribute to the development of innovative software solutions. 

By participating in QA internships, candidates can enhance their knowledge, network with industry experts, and pave the way for future success in the dynamic and evolving world of technology.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


What do interns do during QA internships?

During their QA internships, you will help plan testing efforts, execute test scripts, install testing software, and perform web testing. During your quality assurance internships, you will participate in all project phases, from user story review, test design, and demos to final system testing and launch.


Do QA internships require coding?

While coding is beneficial during the QA internships, it is not mandatory for the testing part of the process. QA testers are responsible for test planning, test case design, and execution. They need an understanding of the code used, but they don't need to develop the code themselves.


Are QA internships a technical job?

QA internships are not just software-related; a good QA tester should have strong technical skills. They should be familiar with technical terminology like Software Development Life Cycles(SDLC), performance testing, load testing, and regression testing. You may need to write and implement test scripts in software QA testing.


Do QA internships need SQL?

While knowledge of SQL is not required for front-end testing, its knowledge is a must for back-end operations. A tester has to verify the values in the database that were inserted, deleted, or updated to be sure there are no errors after processing.


What skills do I need in QA internships?

QA internships require knowledge of testing, auditing, and quality inspection. The list of skills and expertise needed for QA internships is as follows.


Testing methodologies

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Computer literacy

Familiarity with QA tools, frameworks, and databases

Problem-solving and analytical skills


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