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Jul 01, 24

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Guide to Landing a Dream Internship for CSE students in Mohali

Are you a recent graduate or final-year student in a software-related domain looking for an internship and worried that getting one is very difficult? Are you hearing rumors that the market is down and finding an internship is impossible?

The technological world is changing rapidly. New technologies are being introduced every day. The advancement of technologies has been a disruptive factor in how businesses are conducted. 

In this scenario, students are stressed and doubtful about what internships they should choose and if they can get one in the field where they wish to build their careers in.

 Worry not. 

This article is a comprehensive guide to finding an internship for CSE students in Mohali, and it also explains how most IT companies are increasingly adopting the apprenticeship hiring model.

Dream Internship


Current Market Scenario

The Indian IT and BFSI sectors are seeing a spike in hiring apprentices, which is expected to grow. According to a report by Gartner in the IT/ITES sector, apprenticeship recruitment is expected to grow by 250% in the next year. 

Moreover, India’s IT spending is expected to reach $ 125 billion in 2024, a massive 10% increase from the previous year. Companies are prioritizing recruiting interns because of the potential to optimize workforce costs, create a talented pool, and cultivate staff loyalty and retention.

Some roles that are high demand in the IT/CSE field are Embedded systems engineer/ Design Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Data Engineer, Blockchain Developer, Android/IOS Developer, AR VR Technician, and Cybersecurity Engineer.

When it comes to internships for CSE students and freshers, metros and Tier-2 cities like Mohali (an emerging IT hub) are the best options. The government is actively taking initiatives to promote Mohali as an IT hub, and its strategic location and proximity to premier academic institutes provide a favorable environment for growth. Mohali provides the added advantages of a center of like-minded professionals in the tech field with whom you can network and share knowledge.

Current Market Scenario

Resources for Internships for CSE students

Finding the right internship is crucial for a person's productivity, career growth, and well-being. Everyone wishes to land an internship to gain valuable industry experience and acquire skills necessary for their career. Here are some easy ways for CSE students in Mohali to find an internship.


Online Job Boards

Freshers and students favor Online Job Boards due to their ease of use. On online job boards, prospective job seekers can connect with employers by applying for different job listings. Make different resumes to target jobs in different areas of interest, take time to research the company before crafting the cover letters, and add appropriate references. Some popular job boards are Internshala, LetsIntern, Indeedand LinkedIn.

These platforms provide various options to filter the listings, such as by location, job type, remunerations offered, etc. You can choose the appropriate filter and look for an internship for CSE students. These platforms also provide skill development courses that can be utilized to land an opportunity. 

Remember that the competition on these boards is fierce, so make sure your resume and cover letter stand out. Also, beware of fraudulent listings. If something looks too good, it is probably not true.

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Institute Resources

Most institutes have dedicated career development centers focused on finding the right fit for students. These centers also collaborate with companies to arrange Internship and placement drives. These centers hire professionals who specialize in counseling students about available opportunities and the steps to follow in finding one. 

Visit your Institute’s center to learn about available internships. Also, talk to your professors about finding an opportunity. Professors have massive networks and connections and can advise you if an opportunity is available.

Many companies also conduct campus placement drives aimed at finding suitable students for internships, who they can groom into full-time employees. Apply to these companies when they visit your campus.



Connect with professionals from your fields to learn about the trends and opportunities in that field. LinkedIn is an excellent way to do this. Learning about these trends help you know about opportunities in the field, emerging technologies relevant to the field and also help you in your interviews by impressing interviewers showcasing that knowledge.

You can also attend career drives and job fairs to connect with individuals and find internships. There are field-specific career fairs where companies visit to hire employees from different institutes. These fairs can help find an internship for CSE students.

Talk to the alumni of your institute and friends for guidance in finding an opportunity. If you have an alumni working in a company with an opportunity available, they can forward your resume and recommend you for the position.

.Attend networking events and talk events about your field of interest. Research the attendees and speakers beforehand. During these events, express your interest by asking questions and following up with these individuals afterward. 



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Recruitment Agencies 

Recruitment agencies act as a bridge between employers and prospective job seekers, including opportunities for internship for CSE students. They usually charge a fee for registration and match your job profile with relevant jobs available. They also provide interview preparation help and tips to crack interviews. (If you want tips on performing well in the interview, read this guide) 

You can talk to an agency about your expectations regarding your field of interest, stipend, and internship place. Regularly check in with your agency to know about the latest job listings.

Recruitment Agencies


Company Websites 

Company websites provide many information about the companies, including their mission, vision, services, products, personnel, and job listings. Many companies have a careers tab on their website, which lists job positions available and technical and non-technical skills required. 

The websites also provide information about the work culture at that company. For example, on the career page of Relinns Technologies, you can find detailed descriptions of the positions offered for internship for CSE students, along with what it is like to be a part of the Relinns family. They have a diverse portfolio of clients in e-commerce, healthcare, education, travel, and lifestyle industries.

You can visit your dream company's website, explore opportunities, and apply for them. Make sure your resume resonates with the mission and vision of the company.

Relinns Technologies



In conclusion, there are ample opportunities for internship for CSE students, in software development in Mohali, India's rapidly growing IT hub. 

You will eventually get your chance, even if you initially face rejections in your internship-finding journey. Don’t be disheartened; keep applying to reputable software companies and upgrading your skills along the way. 

Be persistent and proactive. Leverage the resources available to find the right Internship that aligns with your aspirations and career goals.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best internship for CSE students?

There are various opportunities for internship for CSE students. The students can choose various fields depending on their area of interest. Some popular job positions favored by students are Software development intern, Software engineer intern, Information technology (IT) intern, Python developer intern, Web engineer intern, IT help desk intern, Computer programming instructor, and Computer engineer intern.


Which domain is best for an internship for CSE students?

More and more businesses are transforming digitally, giving rise to new technologies in various fields. This allows the CSE students to choose from a wide range of fields. Some of the most popular fields chosen by students are related to Security, Data processing, Consulting, Programming, and Communication.


Which company is best for internships for CSE students in Mohali?

Relinns Technologies has emerged as a leader in software and app development. The company offers many opportunities in various positions. Check its careers page for more information on internships for CSE students. You can also message them on their Whatsapp chatbot to apply for opportunities.


Where is the best place for CSE students to learn about internship opportunities?

Internshala is a portal dedicated to providing internships to students of different streams. It also assists students in remote areas with limited resources. You can visit their web portal to upload your resume, create a profile, and look for opportunities suiting your objectives. Another excellent option for students is to browse LinkedIn. You can follow the company pages to learn about the current listings. LinkedIn also allows you to network with people who may assist you in finding an internship.


Are there paid internships for CSE students?

Yes, many companies provide paid internships for CSE students. These companies look to hire promising candidates and train them to work as full-time employees after their internships are over. Even if you are not getting paid or being not according to your expectations for the internship, understand that it is still a great way to gain valuable practical industry experience. At the same time, it is a way to showcase your dedication to the job, understand the work culture, demonstrate initiative, and communicate your value to the company so that you have a strong case when it decides full-time hiring.


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