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May 16, 24

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  • What do you need to become an ASP.NET developer?
  • Relinns Careers Website
  • How can you get an ASP.NET job as a fresher?
  • What should you add to your resume as an aspiring ASP.NET developer?
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Relinns Careers Website

Microsoft introduced the ASP.NET development ecosystem in 2002, and since then it is used for creating user interfaces. Developers can use the programming guidelines it provides to build apps and websites tailored to their customer's requirements. 

ASP.NET is India's 4th most popular framework and the 6th most popular on the Internet. In India, an ASP.NET developer makes, on average, 415,701 INR annually. A minimum salary of 179k and a maximum annual salary of 998k are possible.

According to LinkedIn, till now, there are at least 93,000 ASP.NET developer jobs in India.

If you aim to become an ASP.NET developer, follow the blog to know what you need to learn and the steps to get a job ultimately.

What do you need to become an ASP.NET developer?

What do you need to become an ASP.NET developer

Here, we list the essential knowledge that ASP.NET developers should acquire. Therefore, ensure that you learn all of them during your college years.

  1. C# programming language
  2. .NET Basics
  3. SQL database
  4. Understanding of SQL Server, the ASP.NET framework, and architectural patterns (like MVC)
  5. Knowledge of at least one .NET language (C#, Visual Basic .NET) and HTML5/CSS3
  6. Understanding of architecture styles and APIs (REST, RPC)
  7. NET Core
  8. Basics of data types, variables, objects, methods, loops, LINQ, etc.
  9. MVC
  10. SQL Server
  11. Visual Studio
  12. Understanding of Agile methodologies
  13. Troubleshooting and communication skills
  14. JavaScript
  15. Entity Framework
  16. Web API
  17. LINQ
  18. jQuery
  19. CSS
  20. Frontend Js Frameworks: Angular/React

How can you get an ASP.NET job as a fresher?

Here, we have listed six steps to get a job as an ASP.NET developer. It is a bit long. However, this is the only solid plan to help you get the job!

1. Get the appropriate education first.

It is always challenging to know where to start. A crucial and excellent first step to becoming a great ASP.NET developer is to start with the proper education.

It is necessary to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or another subject to work as an ASP.NET developer.

However, it should be noted that a degree is only sometimes required in many workplaces today. Your understanding of programming and language basics will be aided by a degree. But if you need a technical background, you might begin by learning the fundamental ideas behind the various ASP.NET development platforms, frameworks, and versions.

2. Get the Basics Right

ASP.NET is a flexible platform with a wide range of possibilities. Its learning objectives are broader.

You need to brush up on your knowledge of the following fundamentals to be proficient with the platform:

  1. ASP.NET Core
  2. ASP.NET Framework
  3. Xamarin.Mono
  4. ASP.NET Standard

These will all give you a fundamental understanding of what a dot net platform entails and its limitless possibilities for an ASP.NET developer.

3. Working knowledge of a programming language

Working knowledge of a programming language

You must have a strong foundation in coding and programming languages to master the art of ASP.NET development.

Developers who work with the ASP.NET framework use C#. Other programming languages include Python, Java, C++, and many others.

Additionally, since ASP.NET is a multilingual platform, you can become fluent in the language of your choice.

Therefore, whatever language you select, focus on becoming proficient in it.

4. Learn the skills

An ASP.NET developer must emphasize developing several skills and having the necessary educational credentials and fundamental knowledge.

You could concentrate on the following:

  1. Front-end technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.
  2. C#
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Machine Learning
  5. SQL
  6. Visual Studio IDE
  7. Web development
  8. Communication skills

Concentrate on taking various courses and earning certifications for them. These specialization courses' curriculum will broaden your horizons and methods of operation.

5. Decide on a specialty.

You must identify your area of interest because the ASP.NET platform enables the development of web, desktop, mobile, and gaming applications integrated with cloud computing and machine learning features.

Even though you should have a basic understanding of each category and acquire experience, keep reading to determine which platform or path you favor the most.

6. Get Ready to Take Up Work

Take on work projects or freelance work for your benefit before joining your dream company. Put all that you have learned and read into practice. Participate in projects and start new ones.

Firstly, all of this professional experience will make you stand out from other newcomers in the industry. Additionally, it will expose you to how an ASP.NET developer works. You will learn things that theoretical knowledge cannot provide through actual work experiences.

Never forget that excellence is a constant pursuit. Therefore, keep improving yourself at all times.

  1. Improve your soft skills.
  2. Give additional skills some time as well.
  3. Professional advancements present both new opportunities and challenges.

Once you do all this, you can prepare a resume and apply for jobs on LinkedIn,, Glassdoor, etc.

Other options for getting a job do exist. One such alternative is opting for campus recruitment while you are in college.

The following section tells you what you can add to your resume.

What should you add to your resume as an aspiring ASP.NET developer?

What should you add to your resume as an aspiring ASP.NET developer

Writing a resume is challenging for those who have yet to apply for any job positions. You can find resume templates on the Internet and tweak them accordingly.

Here, we tell you what your resume must have.

  1. Brief Statement or Resume Objective
  2. Work Experience
  3. Skills
  4. Education
  5. Contact Information
  6. Work Link
  7. Interests/Hobbies
  8. Languages
  9. Cover Letter


These are the proper steps to finding ASP.NET jobs in Chandigarh or Mohali as a fresher.

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