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May 16, 24

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Do you know that Java is practically running on 1 billion smartphones now thanks to the adoption of Java APIs by Google's Android operating system?

Java is presently ranked second among all programming languages, according to the website, which measures programming language usage.

There are around 9 million Java programmers in the world. As a result, when employing experienced Java developers, firms require assistance determining where to seek expertise.

Java routinely ranks among the most well-liked and extensively used programming languages, demonstrating its reliability and adaptability. Java has gone a long way from its humble origins as a language for electronic devices to being used by more than a million software developers worldwide.

Why is Java so popular?

Despite multiple other programming languages, Java continues to rank among the most popular among programmers, according to Statista. How come this is the case? The fact that Java is platform-independent is one of the leading causes of this phenomenon. Even if it was created for a different system, a Java program could run on any device having a Java Runtime Environment installed.

Comparatively speaking to other programming languages, Java is also relatively simple to learn, code, build, and debug. Java is praised among programmers for its ability to adapt to new needs swiftly. Because of too frequent new version releases and hundreds of new libraries that developers worldwide share, Java continually outperforms the competition in supporting new technologies or trends.

What is Java, and who is a Java developer?

Java is a versatile, object-oriented, class-based programming language with few implementation dependencies. It is an application development platform for computers. Java is hence swift, safe, and dependable. It is frequently employed in developing applications for laptops, data centers, gaming consoles, scientific supercomputers, mobile phones, and other gadgets.

A Java developer is a specialized IT expert who works with Java. They are also called "Java engineers" or "Java devs." Developing software, websites, and apps in Java falls to Java developers.

Skills that every Java developer must possess

Hard Skills

Essential hard skills for Java developers include proficiency in Java programming, data structures, algorithms, debugging, and software testing.


Any effective Java developer must have a solid foundation in core Java skills. The following Core Java abilities are required of you:

Skills in Object Oriented Programming

The object-oriented programming methodology introduces the class and object-oriented coding styles that deal with inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, and polymorphism concepts. OOP connects data and functions to increase the code's stability and safety.

Design patterns in Java

Standard solutions to common issues during the software development life cycle are known as design patterns in Java. Every Design Pattern acts as a template for customization to address any design issue in any code throughout the creation of software modules.

Java Abstract Classes

Developers can achieve abstraction with the help of Java Abstract Classes. Abstraction in object-oriented programming decreases code complexity by displaying only the pertinent information about the objects used in the program, and it also makes the code easier to read.

Java Interface

An interface is a more complex level of abstraction in Java. Java's interface makes it possible to achieve conception in the language more effectively and efficiently.

Java Serialization

To move objects from one Java Virtual Machine to another and recreate them in their original state, Java Serialization is a technique that transforms objects into a byte stream. Real-time programming can be done in a variety of ways thanks to serialization.

Java Build Tools

Developers need to utilize a specific tool for each task. As software that automates the production of executable applications from source code, Java Build tools have particular terminology that a Java Developer should be familiar with. Your prospective Java developer employee should be conversant with Maven and Gradle tools.

Web Technologies

Dynamic web content may be easily and quickly created thanks to web technology. A deeper understanding of Web technology helps comprehend the method of establishing communication via markup languages amongst various computer systems. Like webpages, it offers a way for users to communicate with the host and request information. It employs CSS, JQuery, and HTML.

Java Web Frameworks

Java web frameworks are the best practices for creating mobile applications with the most features and the least amount of code. They make it possible to construct and deploy online applications on the Internet by enabling the standard development of web applications like web services, web resources, and web APIs. The two greatest frameworks Java developers for hire need to be familiar with are Spring MVC and Play.

Java Testing Tools

Java Testing Tools allow programmers to test JSP pages and Web Applications using an interface without starting the program in a web browser.

They assist with various test-related tasks like planning, gathering requirements, creating tests, running tests, logging defects, and testing analysis. Testing tools include Selenium and TestNG.

Big Data

Traditional data processing software cannot handle the enormous amounts of data that make up the trillion-dollar sector known as "Big Data." Developers may analyze and extract information from massive amounts of data using Big Data technologies. There are two powerful Big Data technologies: Hadoop and Spark.

Java EE components

Developers use Java EE Components to build server-side applications. Dealing with demands from clients using the web is one of the most frequent difficulties enterprise developers have. The Servlet and JavaServer Pages APIs in Java EE feature methods for logging actions using cookies on a user's browser, which makes these problems easier to understand and offers the best solution. The three most significant Java EE components are Servlets, Java Beans, and Java Server Pages.

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Essential soft skills for Java developers: communication, problem-solving, teamwork, adaptability, time management, and continuous learning.

Excellent communication skills

Active listening is a crucial component of good communication skills, which entails paying close attention to the person speaking to you and seeking to tailor your communication style to your audience to express your message more effectively. You can assess this competency in the initial round of interviews with possible candidates.

Willingness to learn

Knowledge has no boundaries. Future Java developers should always be eager to learn new skills and stay current with industry developments.

Team Work

Teamwork is the effort of a group to attain a common objective and finish a task as quickly and effectively as possible. To ensure efficient operation, your company should only hire java engineers who are strong team players.

Work ethics

Work ethic is the idea that putting in a lot of effort and being committed to anything has a moral advantage and a built-in capacity, virtue, or value to improve one's character and aptitudes. Before hiring a Java developer, present them with scenarios and gauge their ethical character based on their response.

Interpersonal abilities

The traits and actions used to engage with others effectively are known as interpersonal skills. Again, provide a circumstance to a java developer before hiring them to observe how they respond.

5 Technologies Every Java developer should know.

1. JavaMail API and JavaBeans Activation Framework

Web applications can send email notifications thanks to the JavaMail API. The service provider's interface and the application-level interface used by program components to send emails are API parts.

Email protocols like SMTP are used by service providers (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Many service providers are included in the JavaMail API package, some of which are also available individually.

The JavaMail extension, a component of the Java EE forum, enables certain portions of the program to send emails. You can use this API by combining the JavaMail extension with the JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF) API.

This API provides standard services to do those duties, including identifying the type of wrong data, gathering access to it, placing the services accessible to it, and producing an appropriate component based on producing a JavaBeans component (JavaBeans component).

2. Java API for XML processing

The processing of XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a significant component of Java web development. The Java API for XML Processing (JAXP), the Document Object Model (DOM), and the XSLT API are all supported by the Simple API (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation).

For applications, JAXP translates and analyses XML texts without XML processing functionality.

It also provides namespace support, which enables your program to work with rival word schemes. It is highly customizable, supports the W3C standard, and lets you integrate XML and XSL processors into your program.

3. Java message service API

You already know the importance of communication between people, programs, or applications. The primary goal of the message system used throughout the software is peer-to-peer communication.

In a nutshell, the messaging client transmits and receives messages from other clients.

Each client in this scenario connects to a message agent, who assists with message generation, sending, receiving, and reading. The problem of client-to-client communication is resolved by the Java Messaging Service API, which accomplishes its intended function.

Business messaging is a versatile, trustworthy way to transfer data within the company. The JMS API, which improves these capabilities, and the provider framework enable the creation of portable messaging apps in Java.

Also, perspective affects how you will use the JMS. One approach is to keep employing it for imaginative monitoring.


The Java Database Connectivity API, also known as JDBC, is well-liked and widely understood by developers as essential for building web applications. This is because JDBC enables Java programs to send SQL commands to databases.

You can make a JDBC API request in a servlet, JSP page, or enterprise bean without additional limitations. JDBC comprises two components: the interface at the application level and the interface at the service provider.

The server provider integrates the Java enterprise platform's driver for Java Database Connectivity. Using an application-level interface, application components can access the database.

5. Java server pages technology

Developers adore Java Server Pages (JSP) technology because it enhances dynamic online content quickly and easily. As a result, the development of independent web apps and platforms advances swiftly.

You can also make JSP developer-friendly by inserting a tiny servlet code snippet in the application's text document. Text-based documents called JSP pages also include the following forms of text:

Static data can be expressed in various text formats, including XML, HTML, and WML. Creating a dynamic content for a web page is totally within the control of JSP Technology.

JSP pages are created using Javax.Servlet.jsp, Javax.Servlet.jsp.el, Javax.el, and Javax.Servlet. jsp.tagexta packages. But you have to import them straight. Creating a web application using JSP can be made relatively simple using extensions and JSP code snippets.

You can create web pages using JSP technology by using single captions and placing them into the header.html file, which specifies site navigation.

To update a button or link, change one file. The entire website will instantly be updated with it.

According to the firm that creates Java programs, JSP is the greatest framework for creating helpful web content, including forms, polls, and more.


Remember that every skilled Java programmer or developer you meet today was previously in your shoes, regardless of whether you are new to the field or afraid. And eventually, it will be simple for you to use these Java technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Java and why should I learn it in 2023?

Java is a popular programming language used for developing a wide range of applications, from mobile apps to enterprise systems. In 2023, Java is expected to remain in high demand, making it a valuable skill to have in the job market.

What are the key concepts I need to understand in Java?

Some key concepts to understand in Java include variables, data types, control structures, classes and objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling. It's important to have a strong foundation in these concepts to write effective Java programs.

What are some common applications of Java?

Java is used to develop a wide range of applications, including mobile apps, web applications, desktop applications, enterprise systems, and games. Some popular Java-based applications include Minecraft, Android apps, and the Apache Tomcat web server.

What career opportunities are available for Java developers in 2023?

In 2023, there is expected to be a wide range of career opportunities available for Java developers, including roles such as software engineer, web developer, mobile app developer, and enterprise application developer. Salaries for Java developers can vary depending on experience and location.


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