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Jun 05, 24

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Relinns Careers Website


Interview results are the most unpredictable, am I right? They are even more unpredictable than the IPL. You believe you have performed exceptionally, but you still keep waiting for that callback, and when you believe your performance could have been a lot better, you get selected (It happens!!).

Nonetheless, interviews are important. One of the most important moments of life. 

According to Forbes, an application receives an average of 118 applications, of which only 20% are called for an interview. 

So, don't fret if you have an interview and are nervous about it. Interviews make everyone nervous.

This article provides tips for a successful job interview, making your interviews a positive experience and enabling you to approach them confidently.

How to Impress In an Interview: Job Interview Tips

Before we delve into the world of interviews, here is an important thing to remember.

According to a survey by Career Builder, 70% of employers check out applicants’ profiles as part of their screening process, and 54% have rejected applicants because of what they found. So, be mindful of what you post on social media. Try not to be profane or post pictures promoting gambling, alcohol consumption, and drug use. Also, try not to be too political.

So where were we? Oh yes, job interview tips. Here we go. Follow these tips for a successful job interview.

How to Impress In an Interview: Job Interview Tips


One of the most crucial job interview tips is researching the company beforehand. According to a survey, 47% of job candidates failed an interview because they knew little about the company.

Review the company website, products and services, values, mission, cultures, and current initiatives. Look for influential people working at the company and recent news about the company and the industry.

Also, research the job position you are interviewing for. What duties will you perform, which teams will you interact with, and how can you add value to the company?

You can impress the interviewer by showcasing your knowledge and enthusiasm about joining the company.


Dress to Impress

Dressing is how you showcase your professionalism to the interviewers. Dressing is often overlooked when it comes to job interview tips.

You must have heard the cliche about making first impressions. It's absolutely true. According to a study by Princeton University, most people make a first impression of a person within 7 seconds; 76% of the time, those impressions are accurate. That study also says people can accurately judge others within 1/10 of a second. Follow these dressing guidelines to impress the interviewers.

Male Attire, Accessories, & Grooming Tips 

  • Suits: Opt for well-tailored suits in classic colors like navy, charcoal grey, or black. Avoid bold patterns or stripes.
  • Shirts: Choose crisp, long-sleeved button-down dress shirts in neutral tones like white, light blue, or pale pink. Ensure they fit well and are ironed.
  • Ties: Choose a conservative tie that complements your shirt and suit. Avoid loud colors or distracting patterns.
  • Shoes: Opt for well-maintained leather dress shoes in black or brown. Ensure they are polished and free of scuffs.
  • Belt: Your belt should match the color of your shoes. Leather belts are preferred.
  • Minimal Jewelry: Stick to a simple watch and wedding ring if applicable. Avoid flashy jewelry.
  • Hair: Maintain a neat and professional hairstyle. Avoid overly long hair or unkempt styles.
  • Facial Hair: Keep facial hair well-groomed. A clean shave is always safe, or opt for a neatly trimmed beard or mustache.
  • Nails: Keep nails clean and trimmed.
Male Attire, Accessories, & Grooming Tips

Female Attire, Accessories, & Grooming Tips 

  • Suits: A well-tailored pantsuit in a neutral color is a great choice. If you prefer, you can choose a skirt suit with a skirt that falls at or below the knee.
  • Dresses: Opt for a conservative dress that falls below the knee and has sleeves. Avoid overly revealing necklines or cuts.
  • Skirts and Blouses: A knee-length skirt paired with a button-down blouse or professional top is versatile.
  • Shoes: Choose closed-toe pumps or flats in a neutral color. Heels should be a moderate height.
  • Jewelry: Opt for classic and tasteful jewelry. Avoid large, chunky pieces or excessive amounts of jewelry.
  • Natural Look: Opt for neutral tones for eyeshadow and lipstick.
  • Minimal Perfume: Use a light fragrance or perfume to avoid overwhelming others.
  • Neat and Professional: Style your hair neatly and polishedly. Avoid overly casual or messy styles.
  • Nails: Keep nails clean and manicured. Opt for neutral or muted nail polish colors.
Female Attire, Accessories, & Grooming Tips

Know your Resume and Yourself

Knowing your resume by heart is also among the important job interview tips. Carry multiple copies of your resume, cover letter, references, and credentials. Also, send an electronic file of your resume and documents to your interviewees beforehand.

Before your interview, ask yourself what makes you the best candidate for the job. Interviewers will ask you that. Know your strengths and weaknesses. When asked about the weaknesses, frame your answers in a format indicating how you are working on them and improving.

Carrying a pen and notepad during the interviews is amongst the most overlooked job interview tips.

Arriving & Greeting

Arriving early and settling in will give you time to calm your nerves and make you more confident. Plan your transportation in advance. It's even advisable to visit the venue a day earlier to learn about traffic and possible road disruptions, giving you an idea of the time to reach the venue. 

Relaxation techniques can be helpful job interview tips, especially if you tend to get nervous in interview situations.

When greeting the interviewers, be polite and courteous, and don’t forget to smile. If you know the interviewers' names, use them; if you don't, use ma’am, sir, or sirs. You can choose to greet everyone together, but it is advisable to greet female interviewers first individually and then male interviewers.

Being polite and courteous to everyone you meet during the interview process is a key element of strong job interview tips.

Promoting Yourself and Answering Questions

It is an important job interview tips to create a 30-second elevator pitch. When asked about an introduction, give that pitch. Briefly tell about your place of belonging, your educational background, experience, skills, and hobbies. You can also include your objective in this.

Maintaining good posture and eye contact are key job interview tips for making a positive impression.

When answering situational questions use the STAR(Situation, Task, Action, Result) format. Explain the situation you were in, the task assigned to you in that situation, the action you took, and the result of that action.

Regarding behavioral questions, using real-life examples to demonstrate your skills and problem-solving abilities is among the tips for a successful job interview.

Tailoring your responses to align with the job requirements is the top job interview tips to demonstrate your suitability for the role.

Asking Engaging Questions

At the end of an interview, most interviewers ask if you have any questions. This is an excellent chance to showcase your knowledge, insight, and interest. Ask thoughtful open-ended questions that engage the interviewers. This is also one of the most overlooked job interview tips.

Prepare those questions in advance. You may ask questions about the responsibilities of the role or the interviewer's experience with the company. You can even ask about the policies and growth and learning opportunities that will be available to you.

Practicing your answers

Preparing answers to commonly asked questions is good practice to follow for a successful job interview. Anticipate an interviewer’s perspective and craft your answers according to what the company is looking for, what the job responsibilities are, and how can you showcase your skills to stand out among the other candidates.

Rehearse your responses out loud, and seek feedback from friends, family, or colleagues to refine your answers to make them more clear, concise, and compelling. Amongst the important successful job interview tips is not to memorize the answers but to aim for fluency in the responses.

Follow Up After a Successful Job Interview

Following up with a thank-you note after the interview is a crucial part of proper job interview tips. Send a ‘Thank you’ email to the employer for the opportunity.

In that email, you can ask for information about the next steps. You may also reiterate your interest and include information relevant to the interview that you forgot to mention in the interview.

If you haven't heard from the employer in a week, you can follow up to see if you have been selected.

Always be polite and professional in your communication. You can choose to follow your interviewers on Linkedin as well.

Suggested Video


While interview results can be unpredictable, preparation is key to maximizing your chances of success. By following these job interview tips, you can confidently approach interviews and make a positive impression on potential employers. 

Remember to research the company and the position thoroughly, dress professionally and showcase your knowledge and enthusiasm.

Practice makes perfect, so rehearse your responses beforehand and utilize the STAR method to structure your answers. Don't forget to prepare thoughtful questions and follow up with a thank-you email after the interview. Also, you can Discover the career opportunities waiting for you at Relinns Technology!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many applications does it take to get a job?

According to a study by Lehigh University, it takes between 100 to 150 job applications to get a job. This fact can seem disheartening but don't be discouraged. Be consistent in your effort. As a rule of thumb, when looking for a job, you should send between 10-15 job applications weekly to increase your chances of getting a job. But don't worry about these stats. Follow the above-written job interview tips for a successful job interview.

Why do companies conduct so many rounds of interviews?

Companies conduct so many rounds of interviews to know you better. They want to verify your skills in different areas. They have other members of staff who may wish to meet you. They want to take time to check your credentials. They may be allowing you to ask the questions. It may be possible that the first candidate turned down the offer and you are getting a chance again to showcase your skills. 

What are the most important tips for a successful job interview?

The most important among the tips for a successful job interview is to be yourself. Feel free to showcase your personality, skills, and objectives. Dress professionally and maintain good posture and eye contact during the interview. Actively listen to the questions. And ask thoughtful questions to show your interest and passion in the role. Following these job interview tips will help you approach the interviews with confidence.


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