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May 16, 24

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    Table of content
  • Preparing for Day One
  • First Day at Relinns
  • Getting to Know the Company
  • Training and Skill Development
  • Integration into the Team
  • Navigating Relinns' Tools and Systems
  • Performance Evaluation and Growth
  • Company Culture and Employee Engagement
  • Conclusion
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Onboarding plays a critical role for new joinings, whether technical or non-technical. It sets the tone for their entire tenure at a company and helps them integrate smoothly into their respective roles. At Relinns, we recognize the significance of a seamless onboarding process and are committed to providing new tech hires with the support and resources they need to thrive. In this blog, we will walk you through the steps of joining Relinns and highlight the key aspects of our onboarding process

Preparing for Day One

Before joining Relinns, it is important to communicate with our HR department to ensure a smooth transition. This process includes obtaining and submitting any necessary documentation, such as identification, educational proof, and tax forms. Additionally, take the time to familiarize yourself with Relinns' values, culture, and team structure. Understanding your role and responsibilities beforehand will help you hit the ground running on your first day. Please coordinate with HR regarding any requirements for your first day of joining, including obtaining the company address and planning to arrive at the scheduled time for onboarding as provided by the Relinns HR.

First Day at Relinns

On your very first day at Relinns, arriving on time and dressing appropriately sets the right impression. You will have the opportunity to meet HR, your reporting manager, and team members, who will provide you with a warm welcome and introduce you to the company. HR will share a list of onboarding tasks that are required to be completed by the new hire on the first day and will assist you in resolving any issues faced during the completion of these tasks. Each task has been properly defined by HR, including video training sessions wherever required. From setting up official email signatures to familiarizing yourself with all company policies, all steps are clearly outlined and can be completed by the new hire without any issues. Setting up your workspace and accessing necessary tools and systems are also essential to ensure a seamless start to your journey at Relinns.

Getting to Know the Company

Devoting proper attention to the Relinns onboarding program is a great way to familiarize yourself with the company's vision, mission, and goals. These sessions will also provide you with insights into the company’s culture, team members, and various other aspects. This will help you explore our company resources and internal communication channels, as they are valuable sources of information and collaboration. It is crucial to understand Relinns' policies, procedures, and expectations to align yourself with our organizational standards.

Training and Skill Development

At Relinns, we believe in continually enhancing our skills and staying at the forefront of technology. The company has a dedicated training and development platform for both new hires and existing staff. We believe in learning for everyone as it is mandatory for one’s growth and should not stop. Participate in our training programs, designed to sharpen your technical abilities within allocated timeframes. Seek feedback and guidance from your reporting manager and team members to help you grow and excel in your role. Take advantage of opportunities for continuous learning to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech industry.

Integration into the Team

Building positive relationships and actively engaging with your team members is key to your success at Relinns. Collaborate on projects and contribute to the team's goals to establish yourself as a valuable member. Don't hesitate to seek support and guidance when needed, as our HRs, Team Leads and team members are always ready to assist you in your journey.

As part of the onboarding checklist, the company emphasizes the importance of familiarizing yourself with various tools and software to ensure seamless collaboration and heightened productivity. It is essential to efficiently navigate official project management platforms, ensuring the organization of tasks and effective collaboration with colleagues. Likewise, using approved communication channels, such as team messaging apps or designated email systems, is crucial for clear and streamlined communication within the team. Additionally, leveraging shared resources, such as cloud storage and collaborative editing tools, is encouraged to streamline work processes and elevate overall productivity. By embracing these tools, you contribute to a more efficient and collaborative work environment, aligning with the company's commitment to smooth and productive operations.

Performance Evaluation and Growth

Understanding Relinns' performance evaluation process is essential for your growth within the organization. Collaborate with your reporting manager to set clear goals and milestones that align with your career aspirations. Taking initiatives to grow professionally, such as attending training programs or acquiring additional certifications, will undoubtedly contribute to your growth and success at Relinns. Follow the training schedule as per the timeline shared by the reporting manager, and in case of any delays, proactively seek feedback to identify improvement areas and address doubts promptly. Reach out to HR for any other concerns and issues. Productivity during the training period is crucial, as it significantly influences the company's decision regarding full-time engagements.

Company Culture and Employee Engagement

Participating in team-building, weekly activities, and company events not only fosters a positive work environment but also helps strengthen relationships with your colleagues. Contribute to creating an inclusive work culture where everyone feels valued and respected. Take advantage of Relinns' employee benefits and perks, designed to support your well-being and promote work-life balance. Relinns promotes the building of positive relations with team members, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment akin to a family, where everyone appreciates each other's achievements and supports improvement areas.


A smooth onboarding process is crucial for new tech hires to acclimate to their roles and thrive within a company. At Relinns, we are committed to providing a smooth onboarding experience, allowing new tech hires to fully embrace the opportunities for success and growth. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can ensure a smooth transition into your new role and set yourself up for long-term engagements. Embrace the opportunities and resources available at Relinns, and we are confident that you will excel in your career.


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