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May 16, 24

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  • Why would you want to Hire Swift Developers for your Upcoming Project?
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"Quick, modern, safe, and interactive."

Tim Cook, Chief Executive Offer at Apple, gave a statement regarding Swift after its release in 2014. He said that Swift allows programmers to code without constant errors affecting it. Moreover, this language helps programmers in writing code in a better way.

Why would you want to Hire Swift Developers for your Upcoming Project?

Swift Developers claim Swift is effortless to read, write and understand. For iOS Development, Swift is a safe programming language. Moreover, it's fast, has a straightforward structure program, and contains numerous dynamic libraries

In one sentence, Developers prefer using Swift over other iOS Development languages like Objective-C.

To hire Swift Developers, you have reached the best place! Here is the perfect Swift Developers recruitment guide for you. This guide will help you in the recruitment process. Moreover, you'll be able to identify the Top Swift Developers' skills that your future Developers and employees should have.

9 Skills to look for while Hiring Swift Developers

Imagine you want to hire a team of employees with the Top Swift Developers' Skills. You shall start by imagining your hiring procedure.

For Part-time, Full-time, and Freelancing employees, you initiate by posting a job requirement on recruiting sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.

Further, you scan resumes and CVs and find employees that suit the job requirements and educational qualifications.

There is another way to hire Swift Developers for your company. You can opt for Outsourcing! Numerous companies outsource valuable employees. Relinns will be the best choice for you! Our Developers are skilled and hardworking towards their job.

Next, you can provide assignments for App creation or logical reasoning. Moreover, you can hold personal interviews to evaluate the candidate's communication and hard skills personally!

Here is a list of the Top 9 Software Developers Skills you should look for while hiring candidates.

1. Proficiency in Swift and its latest versions

Proficiency in Swift and its latest versions

Our Swift Developers recruitment guide says that you should be adept with Swift and aware of its latest versions. Apple Developed this programming language to provide a better App Development experience for programmers.

Swift is one of the most favorite languages for iOS Development.

As a recruiter, check your Swift Developers and their knowledge about Swift Syntax, interpretations, inheritance, class, switch statements, and initialization.

The latest version of this programming language is Swift 3.0!

2. Understanding and Experience using Xcode IDE

Xcode IDE is one of the Top Swift Developers Skills your candidates should have to become successful iOS programmers.

Xcode is the perfect Integrated Development Environment Swift Developers use for Apple's Development. Swift Developers should be proficient with the latest stable releases of Xcode IDE to perform their best with the Development procedure.

The last stable release of Xcode was 14.0.1, released on 26th September 2022. Developers created the Xcode using the C programming language.

Technical hiring

3. Apple's User Interface Guidelines

As a recruiter, you must know the Guidelines Apple created for iOS Developers and Designers.

Apple's User Interface Guidelines offer numerous benefits. They allow the Swift Developers to program smoothly by providing information about the UI resources from all Apple platforms from required areas of technology.

For the best iOS Development, Swift Developers require an in-depth acquaintance with the User Interface Guidelines. If the Developers understand what they are doing and create referring to the guidelines, they will succeed.

While taking interviews, you can ask questions about Apple's Interface Guidelines. Further, follow up with related questions and evaluate what the candidates understand.

4. UI/UX Designing Knowledge

UI/UX Designing Knowledge

You must be wondering why this Swift Developers recruitment guide wants your employees to know about UI/UX Designing.

Designers create a plan and innovate the idea of Websites and Applications. They decide how the Application will look after completion and suggest changes, if any.

Swift Developers are responsible for creating iOS and macOS Applications. Hence, they should understand how the Designers created the UI/UX innovation.

They should be able to analyze the design from every angle and for each application page to create it better.

Additionally, they should understand the navigational flow to create links between the pages after users click them according to their requirements.

5. Git and Github

Git allows you to save and track all the changes you perform related to your program. Imagine that you write a program. You commit the same and want to make changes after a while.

The new elements edit the program and show an error. How will the Swift Developers move to the former code without disrupting the entire Application? Github creates codes for every commit in the program.

Hence, you can track changes and move to another part of the program anytime!

Moreover, Top Swift Developers' Skills include Git and Github because they can share their code with other users. Additionally, users can fork and save the program in their systems to make changes and request permanent edits!

6. Objective-C Knowledge

Developers have been using Objective-C for iOS Development for a long. Most iOS and macOS Development have their program in this coding language.

Therefore, your candidates should understand Objective-C with Swift.

Additionally, Swift Developers gain more value and knowledge after learning Objective-C. If Swift Developers understand this programming language, Apple allows them to move their projects to the Swift program.

Apple created Objective-C and used it for iOS Development instead of C++. They continued using this language as they overcame the pitfalls of C++ with Objective-C.

7. Swift Frameworks

Swift Frameworks

Swift Developers use this language to create iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Linux applications. Top Swift Developer's Skills include required knowledge about Swift Frameworks and their working.

Swift programming language focus on safety, performance, and making complex programming effortless. Therefore, Swift Framework knowledge is necessary to reach that goal. You can ask questions about numerous Frameworks for Swift Development.

Here is a list of Frameworks every candidate should know! Moreover, allow your Swift Developers to learn new Frameworks per requirement.

  • Vapor
  • SwiftMonkey
  • CoreData
  • SwiftyFORM
  • SwiftShell

8. Logical Thinking and Creativity

Logical Thinking and Creativity

Logical thinking helps Swift Developers think through problems and solve them to make appropriate choices.

Moreover, Developers and employees should generate creative ideas to help the business grow.

Imagine that a Developer creates a program using Swift and its required Frameworks. The program works. However, they find an element in the program that's either causing an error or needs changes.

What will they do? You should find employees who don't give up practicing and rewriting code until they are successful.

9. Necessary Soft Skills

Why are Soft Skills crucial for all Swift Developers?

According to, 9 out of 10 professionals agree that Soft Skills play a crucial role in the Swift Developers' recruitment process.

Moreover, Soft Skills enhance one's ability to become more innovative and satisfied in the workplace. Emotional intelligence holds much more importance than other Skills.

This Swift Developers recruitment guide suggests that you find Developers that understand active communication and listening skills.

Additionally, they should know how to react in every situation, deal with organizational conflicts, and manage them accordingly.

How to analyze the Soft Skills of all Swift Developers? You'll have to ask the right interview questions and closely evaluate chosen candidates during the training.

Here is a list of questions you can ask the candidates to assess their Soft-Skills.

  • Why did you choose our company?
  • Where do you expect to see yourself in the next five years?
  • How will you manage a conflicting situation in your workplace?
  • Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • What is the most difficult situation you have faced while working as a Developer?

Final Words

What is the best way to hire a team of Swift Developers and ensure they have the Top Skills? If you want to start your upcoming project swiftly and guarantee positive outputs, you should go for Outsourcing!

Outsourcing helps you find the ideal employees who will work according to your plan and complete projects per required deadlines.

Moreover, there are other advantages of having an Outsourcing company to support you. This hiring method helps in improved efficiency, cost-controlling, and better team management for the clients and yourself.

When choosing an Outsourcing company, you should look for experienced ones with positive outputs in the past.

Relinns is the perfect choice for you! Our Developers are dedicated and hardworking. They have the required skills and knowledge.

You'll never regret working with us on your project!

Contact us if you wish to start your Swift App development process today!


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