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Jun 06, 24

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Everyone remembers the Covid pandemic, a terrible time for all of us. Covid acted as a driver of change everywhere. Some changes were a necessity of the moment, and many of these changes persisted. Video interviews were one such change. 

Video interviews offered employers numerous benefits, allowing them to choose from a much larger talent pool. They were cost-effective and time-effective, provided flexibility, and various tools to test candidates' skills. 

They are beneficial to the candidates as well. They can interview for many companies without worrying about spending time and money to go there. They can better express themselves than in telephone interviews. 

However, as change is scary initially, the candidates treat video calls as such. But there is no need to worry; in this article, video interview tips will be provided to elevate your performance during these interviews.

Video Interview Tips 

Video Interviews are interviews conducted remotely on an online video conferencing platform. The popular platforms companies use to conduct video interviews are Zoom, Skype, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams. While generally live, these interviews can also be pre-recorded, in which candidates record and send their responses to pre-recorded questions.

Video calls offer a convenient alternative to in-person interviews where there are geographical and other constraints. So here are some interview tips to keep in mind when appearing for video interviews

Video Interview Tips

Interview Tips To Follow Before The Interview

The most fundamental interview tip, apart from researching the company, preparing the HR questions, and brushing up on your technical skills, is ensuring the proper function of your system. 

Make sure you are in a well-lit room with nothing in the background. Test the speed of your connection, microphone, and camera. Make sure you have sufficient internet bandwidth for a smooth video call. 

Do a mock interview with your friends or family to familiarize yourself with the platform and ensure you are comfortable on camera. Dress professionally. Choose a professional background for your video and ensure you are alone in the room and in a noise-free environment. 

Before the interview, it is advisable to research the company for crucial interview tips.

Interview Tips To Follow Before The Interview

During the Interview

Dress appropriately and professionally. Dressing appropriately is one of the most overlooked interview tips, but it can significantly impact. Read the FAQs mentioned along with this article to learn more about how to dress appropriately for both males and females.

Join the interview on time. Greet the interviewers appropriately, depending on how many there are. Greet female interviewers first if you are greeting them individually. If there are multiple female or male interviewers, greet them as Ma’ams or Sirs. Maintaining good posture and eye contact with the camera ensures you look at them directly. Paying attention to your body language, such as sitting upright, is overlooked in many interview tips for conveying confidence.

Listen actively to the questions and answer clearly and concisely. Avoid filler words like ‘umm’, ‘aaaa’. Take your time in answering the questions. If you don't understand the question, politely ask the interviewer to repeat the question. You may ask the interviewer to rephrase the question as well. Answer only what is asked. Keeping your responses concise and relevant is a common piece of interview tips to avoid rambling.

When asked questions like “Tell me about a time when you...” or “Describe a situation when you..” Use the STAR(Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to frame your answers. The STAR method has been popularized in recent years because it allows you to express yourself better. 

Explain briefly the context of the Situation, the Task or responsibility in that situation, the Actions you took to address that challenge, and the Result of that action. Highlight your learnings from the experience.

Most interviewers ask the candidates if they have any questions at the end of the interview. This is a great way to showcase your interest in the company. Prepare thoughtful questions in advance related to the company and your role there.

Last-Minute Interview Tips To Keep In Mind 

The best interview tip you can try is to be yourself. Don't be shy to showcase your personality. Always be polite. In stress interviews, you might be asked difficult questions in harsh tones. Stay calm and confident during those times, and don't take things personally. It is just a way of testing your composure in stressful situations.

Bringing a portfolio showcasing your work samples is one of the interview tips for candidates in creative fields. Make sure you have your portfolio in a digital format in video interviews. Showcase it through screen sharing provided on most platforms for video interviews.

You might be tempted to cheat on video calls by looking for the answers on your phone; please don't do so. Minimize distractions by switching off your phone.

While you may face technical difficulties, stay calm and explain the situation to the interviewers. 

Always thank the interviewer at the end for giving you the opportunity. Following up with a thank-you email after the interview is one of the interview tips that can leave a lasting impression.

A survey conducted by Gartner reported that 93% of employers plan to continue using video calls. Companies like Relinns Technologies only conduct online interviews and assessments. You can visit their career page to apply for positions directly. Just go through these interview tips, and you will do great.

Relinns Technologies


In conclusion, Video interviews have become an integral part of recruitment. They provide flexibility and convenience to both the interviewees and interviewers. 

Following the walk-in and video interview tips mentioned in this guide, you can confidently approach the video interviews and impress the interviewer. 

Remember, though, that interview tips that work for one person might not work for another. So, through trial & error, you must find what best suits your persona and leaves a lasting impression on the interviewer. 

Preparation is key, so review these interview tips again, spend ample time researching the company, practicing your answers, and showcasing your skills and personality. Good Luck.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you introduce yourself in a video interview?

The most crucial thing to follow among all interview tips for the introduction is to keep it crisp. To introduce yourself professionally in a video interview, state your name and place from where you belong, mention your educational background and relevant work experience, highlight your skills and strengths, and briefly share your career objective. Also, mention your hobbies. Hobbies are a great way to attract the attention of the interviewer in your direction. 

Are there any interview tips to sound confident in a video interview?

Maintain a good posture and eye contact. Smile and don’t show extreme emotions during the interview. Here is a vital interview tip for video interviews: position yourself so that your arms are visible; hand gestures are meaningful in showing confidence. Don't use filler words. Practice answering general questions with family or in a mirror in advance. Practicing to answer common interview questions boosts your confidence and prepares you for the big day.

What are some interview tips for using Zoom for interviews?

For interviewers, Zoom provides added functionality for breakout rooms, where the candidates can be arranged in particular rooms according to the interview rounds. There are also other advantages, such as screen sharing, whiteboards, and polling. For candidates, Zoom is familiar and easy to use. Use these features to showcase your work whenever required. Be patient while in breakout rooms. You can network with other candidates while in break-out rooms awaiting their interview turn.

What is the most appropriate way for males to dress for interviews?

The most appropriate clothing choice for men is Western, whether a walk-in or video interview. Go for a formal shirt with trousers and a blazer or a suit. Dark colors like navy blue, charcoal grey, and black are suitable for suits. Opt for white, light blue, or light grey shirts with a conservative tie. Maintain a well-groomed appearance with trimmed hair, a clean-shaven face, and trimmed nails. Wear closed-toe Oxfords, polished and in good condition, with a matching belt. Avoid jewelry.

What is the most appropriate way for females to dress for walk-in & video interviews in India?

Women can choose from both traditional and Western wear for interviews. A formula salwar kameez, saree, or kurti with trousers is an appropriate choice for traditional clothes. Avoid overly revealing and flashy outfits. A formal blouse or shirt with trousers or a skirt suit in dark colors like navy blue, charcoal grey, and black is appropriate if you opt for Western-style clothing. For a polished look, opt for white, light blue, or light grey shirts. Choose closed-toe shoes or low heels in black, brown, or beige. Keep accessories minimal, style hair neatly, and opt for natural-looking makeup and subtle scents.


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