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May 16, 24

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Content writing is an art that is captivating more and more graduates today. And why would it not?

Creating compelling content gratifies the content writer or creator, and the appreciation bestowed on them by their readers is the cherry on top.

Besides that, the salary one receives also a crucial factor in the rise of its popularity. A content writer typically gets an annual salary of 2,33,563 rupees.

However, your skill set, experience level, educational background, and place of employment affect how much money you make. For instance, a content writer based in Kochi, Kerala, makes about 2,37,427 rupees per year, while a writer based in Chandigarh typically makes 2,52,825 rupees per year.

Since a content writer's skill set also plays a pivotal role in determining their salary, let us look at the skills that every entry-level content writer should have. 

Let us get started!

How do a content writer, a copywriter, and a content creator differ from one another?

Most people do not know the difference between a content writer, a copywriter, and a content creator. Chances are that even you do not know the exact difference between them.

Therefore, we will see how these three differ before we read the 8 skills an entry-level content writer must possess.

Content WriterCopywriterContent Creator
A person who writes professionally for websites and other forms of media is known as a "content writer." The ability to write in a way that piques readers' interest in visiting the website or reading the articles is a requirement for content writers. A content writer must additionally have the capacity to create the content.The duties of a copywriter and a content writer are very similar. However, a copywriter is to pique the community's interest, which acts as a consumer in purchasing an item or using a service. As a result, copywriters use sincerity to promote products and services.Content creators are responsible for more than just writing. Content writers are only they are concerned with writing. Whereas, content creators are more concerned with producing videos, designing images, and other forms of media while still writing. You need to be an expert in media production, communication, and how to distribute your content if you want to work as a content creator.

Now that we know what each of these three terms means, let us read about the eight skills an entry-level content writer must possess to succeed.

What are the 8 skills an entry-level content writer must possess?

Here we list the eight skills every entry-level content writer must have. Kindly read them and try to imbibe some of these skills in yourself, if not all, before applying for a content writer job or internship—

1. Comprehend the target audience and be adaptable. 

Comprehend the target audience and be adaptable

Target audience

Knowing who you are writing for is very critical for effective web writing. It is essential to understand the demographics of your target audience.

For instance, IT specialists are unlikely to understand your references to Kim Kardashian.


A great content writer knows that different clients have different requirements for tone and voice. Content writers should have a solid understanding of their target market and be able to modify their language and writing style as necessary.

It can significantly contribute to showcasing the company's personality for whom you are working and to attract the audience you want to engage with. 

As a content writer, you must understand that the same language will only work for some people and not for everyone.

2. Researching skills and time management.

Researching skills and time management

Researching skills

Conducting content research allows writers to add credibility to the article while also adding value for the reader. To raise the standard of the information you share in your content, you can turn to government, educational, and other news sources.

Time management

You can schedule your tasks and deliver articles on time and with high quality if you have good time management skills. It involves setting aside time for writing, researching, and editing.

You can more effectively manage your time to create a balanced workload by knowing how many hours it takes to finish an average project. 

These abilities also include your capacity to recognize and arrange projects according to due dates and importance.

3. Originality, focus, clarity, and logical flow.


Readers view websites that publish original content as trustworthy and reputable sources of information. Therefore, you should be as authentic as you can.

Pro tip: Research well and read as much as possible on the topic. Once you have gathered the required information, you must use it and explain things in your own words. This way, you will always have original content.

Focus and Clarity

Your writing should also have a single, distinct central idea. Everything else that strays too far from the main idea clutters up the script and is excessive. You get fewer readers when you clutter things up too much. And those who remain have a difficult time understanding what you are saying. 

Logical Flow

The ideal journey for readers should be enjoyable and stress-free. It is only possible when you adhere to a logical flow.

Effective writing inevitably guides the reader toward the intended goal while remaining focused on one idea or objective. 

Each paragraph should support or elaborate on the content's main idea without logical gaps, unsupported assumptions, blank spaces, or anything else that might make the reader lose their bearings.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are a content writer familiar with SEO, then it can be simple to produce content that is easy to find. You might change your methods to guarantee that your article ranks highly in search engines. 

The content will reach the target audience if it appears in the top search results. For inspiration on improving your content's value, check out the rich snippets and other highly-ranked articles on search engines.

5. Creative writing (writing for humans instead of machines)

Creative writing (writing for humans instead of machines)

Your ability to be creative will play a big part in how well you write. How well your content is written will demonstrate how far along you are in that direction.

The client makes all of these decisions. Therefore, your responsibility is to stay on topic and write a brief, precise text. However, this is often not the case, as the customer will frequently only provide a list of keywords. 

It is the point at which your imagination will be put to use. Success requires dealing with a specific kind of customer.

6. Professional proofreading and editing

Professional proofreading and editing

Being a good content creator, writer, or copywriter involves being willing to make corrections and improvements to your work. 

It may seem more efficient to use the time to create new content or perform blog maintenance after writing the first draft of your blog post because checking for errors can take some time. However, that is not the case.

It is preferable to publish error-free, high-quality content less frequently instead of error-free, low-quality content frequently.

7. Grammar and vocabulary

Nothing is more unflattering than content that appears to have been written by a child. A great content writer will be aware of this and take care to use perfect grammar and vocabulary throughout the project.

8. Communication skills

The cornerstones of content writing are abilities like research, proper sentence construction, and knowledge of basic grammar. These are the fundamental content skills.

A good writer entails more than just producing grammatically sound sentences and meeting word requirements. The information should be relevant to your client's objectives and serve a purpose.

Therefore, keeping a constant contact with the customers is crucial. Engage in open dialogue with clients and other stakeholders.

Please let the client know if you have any additional questions or clarifications. Make a list of the details you may require from the client to prevent the need for multiple revisions.


We hope you are now aware of the skills you need to develop to get your dream job or internship.

Several companies offer jobs as content writers, technical writers, website content writers, ghostwriters, etc. All you have to do is decide the kind of writer you want to be and start working on your hard and soft skills.

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