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May 16, 24

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  • Who Is An HR Professional?
  • What Can You Expect To Do In Your HR Internship In Mohali?
  • Relinns Careers Website
  • What Are The 7 Must-Have Skills To Secure An HR Internship In Mohali?
  • Relinns Careers Website
  • What Can You Learn During Your HR Internship In Mohali?
  • Where Can You Find An HR Internship In Mohali?
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Relinns Careers Website

Are you a budding HR who wants to bag an internship in Mohali? 

Do you want to ensure that you outshine all the candidates taking the interview for the coveted post and get the chance to groom yourself for the future?

We know you want to pass with flying colors!

But to materialize that, you will need to have a few skills in your arsenal. Therefore, these skills will help you become an ideal candidate for the said position.

An HR is someone who binds the entire company, streamlines its work processes, and makes the environment conducive to achieving success in every department.

Undoubtedly, handling these mammoth tasks will appear unsettling at first. However, reading our blog will equip you with the 7 must-have skills to secure an HR Internship in Tricity!

Moreover, it will ensure you do not feel like a cat on a hot tin roof on your first day at work!

Who Is An HR Professional?

Let us begin the journey by defining HR.

An HR professional belongs to the Human Resource department and is responsible for taking care of an organization’s precious asset—its employees.

They ensure that every employee has everything required to execute their daily tasks with optimum results. 

Besides this, the onus of creating a healthy work environment is on them, which also helps attain and retain numerous qualified people.

What Can You Expect To Do In Your HR Internship In Mohali?

When you embark on your HR Internship in Tricity, you will encounter numerous HR job titles.

It will be overwhelming to wrap your head around all the titles in one go. However, you can get a basic idea of each position during your internship.

Here, we list a few HR job titles below:

  1. HR Administrative Assistant
  2. Senior HR Manager
  3. HR Generalist
  4. HR Specialist
  5. Recruitment Manager
  6. HR Assistant
  7. HR Analyst
  8. Payroll Manager
  9. HR Recruiter
  10. HR Advisor
  11. Talent Acquisition Manager
  12. HR Administrator
  13. HR Executive 

Finding out what interests you the most and taking steps to excel in that area during your HR Internship in Tricity is advisable.

What Are The 7 Must-Have Skills To Secure An HR Internship In Mohali?

This section is the most significant part of the blog! 

Here we will tell you the 7 must-have skills that'll help you secure an HR Internship in Mohali. 

Therefore, we advise you to master the given skills before applying for an internship.

1. SQL

Knowing how to use Structured Query Language or SQL gives you an edge over your competitors while applying for an HR internship in Mohali. 

Several HR professionals use the language to maintain databases as it lets them create better and safer data management systems to store employee records.

Thus, HR professionals with a good grasp of SQL prove to be an asset to their companies and employers.

2. Finance skills

Being well-versed in handling finance is one of the essential skills an HR intern should have.

All the compensations and perks of every employee are green-lighted by an HR professional. 

Additionally, the onus of numerous activities such as—performance appraisals, social activities, and training is on them.

The only way to manage these tasks effortlessly is by planning the events while keeping the company's budget in mind.

Thus, developing finance skills will help you immensely while you complete your HR internship in Mohali.

3. Payroll administration

Those looking for an HR internship in Mohali must not forget to learn how to use payroll software. It means their payroll administration skills should be at par.

Here, an intern needs to know how to discuss wages, bonuses, and benefits with employees while keeping them motivated and productive.

You can either acquire payroll administration skills through direct exposure in a payroll position or opt for online courses and educational programs.

4. Business management skills

Business management skills are an indispensable part of the HR world. 

Someone who aims to bag an HR internship must know how to deal with organizational challenges arising in their workplace.

And the only way to deal with such challenges is by knowing about employee rights and hiring laws. 

You will also need to address issues relating to diversity and inclusion while creating and managing benefit packages keeping in mind the concept of a healthy work environment.

5. HRIS Expertise

Your employer might also expect you to be able to be familiar with HRIS (Human Resource Information System) while you are just an intern. 

An HRIS solution helps you manage HR tasks like a pro.

Several HRIS Solutions, such as—Human Capital Management software, applicant tracking systems, and payroll management systems, exist and help increase the efficiency and productivity of HRs.

6. HR reporting skills

People searching for an HR Internship in Mohali should work on their HR reporting skills. 

These skills comprise the ability to develop, read and interpret HR reports that use data from various Human Resource Information systems.

Possessing these skills enables you to comprehend and interpret data and even gives you the ability to turn dry information into something valuable and compelling.

HR reporting skills enable you to easily report on key metrics, which lets you advise managers and employees well. 

Besides this, you also become more competent in creating improved policies and making evidence-based decisions.

7. Training and developmental skills

An HR professional is responsible for arranging training and development sessions for employees to give them a means of bettering their skills. 

HR professionals' efforts help support the employees' career growth.

For instance, you could hold a session on time management to teach them how to manage their time efficiently. 

Other sessions that you might need to organize are:

  1. How to work under pressure.
  2. How to be a team player.
  3. Why you must strive to be more productive.

And many more.

What Can You Learn During Your HR Internship In Mohali?

Now that you know which skills you must work on in order to get an HR internship in Mohali, let us see which areas you can improve while interning at the Tricity.

1. Communication skills

Communication skills and an HR professional go hand in hand. 

An internship is a time when you can work on your communication skills if this area is something wherein you lack.

2. Teamwork

While you are doing an HR Internship at the Tricity, you can work on how to be a team player. 

It will help you understand how you can respect others and their opinion while putting forth yours. 

It leads to you arriving at the right solution for any problem you and your team face.

3. The art of people management

Interning as an HR allows you to learn how to manage people from different backgrounds with varying personalities and mindsets. 

Once you master the art of people management, you can nurture respectful relationships among the employees.

4. Diversity + Inclusion = Success

Doing an HR internship in Mohali or elsewhere will allow you to work with people from different places. 

It will also put you in a place where you will be required to manage them while making them feel included.

5. Performance Analysis & Management

As an HR intern, you must use your time at work to learn about the facts and criteria needed to be considered and inspected while tracking the employees’ performance. 

Basically, it helps you decide on their rewards accordingly.

6. Research and Improve

You can research and learn how to improve the organization’s structure, team satisfaction, and work environment as an HR intern.

Where Can You Find An HR Internship In Mohali?

You can see a list of vacancies by merely searching for “HR Internship in Mohali” on a search engine. 

Besides that, you can use naukri.com, indeed.com, linkedin.com, glassdoor.co.in, etc., to find a company located in Mohali to intern at.  

RelinnsTechnologies is also one of the companies in Mohali that provide an excellent platform for people to intern at and outshine themselves by learning in a healthy work environment. 


Becoming an HR intern requires you to possess a few skills discussed above. 

These 7 must-have skills help you come across as a worthy candidate who will be easy to groom by employers.

We at Relinns Technologies provide interns with a conducive environment for their professional growth while keeping the fun factor intact.

Thus, for a fun-filled learning experience, you can opt for interning at Relinns Technologies.

For more information, visit our website: www.relinns.com, and get a chance to work with a company that believes in infusing life into technical solutions with the help of employees who firmly believe in coming up with creative ideas to make a difference to people’s lives.


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