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May 16, 24

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  • What are the top 5 interview questions for UI/ UX designers?
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Do you know that India's average UI/UX designer salary is 700,000 INR per year or 280 INR per hour?

Entry-level UI/ UX positions start at 450,000 INR per year. In comparison, most experienced UI/UX designers in India make up to 1,800,000 INR annually.

Many students are charmed by the amount of money this field fetches them. As a result, they become keen on having a career as a UI/UX developer. For that, they enroll in degree courses that open the doors to the world of user interface and user experience.

The only juncture where they face trouble is a professional interview!

You can never be sure what to expect when you enter an interview. It is rare to know in advance what questions you will be asked during your following UI/ UX design interview. What's even rare is knowing exactly how to respond to them.

Here, we will acquaint you with the top 5 questions you will find your interviewer asking you during an interview! 

So without further delay, let's get started!

What are the top 5 interview questions for UI/ UX designers?

Are you eager to know which questions you will be asked during your UI/ UX interview? Here are the top 5 interview questions for a UI/ UX designer!

1. What research methods do you use as a UI/ UX designer?

What research methods do you use as a UI- UX designer (1)

The motive of the question:

Interviewers want to ask you, "How do you make sure your design choices are sound?"

Interviewers may want to test your knowledge of the procedures and techniques involved in user research. It is because user research plays a significant role in the UX design process.

The approach to follow is:

There are a few different ways to approach this question. Any user research methods you have previously employed must be described in detail. The research you carried out for a class or a degree project falls under this category.

It would help if you also discussed the advantages and drawbacks of each approach.

You can also frame your response regarding the research methods you would like to try and why if you need more experience with UX design. 

Other forms that this query could take are: 

  • Have you ever conducted user research before?
  • How do you choose which research methodology to employ?

2. How do you assess a product's user experience?

How do you assess a product’s user experience (1)

 You must be able to evaluate a product's user experience if you want to be a successful UI/UX designer. You might prefer specific techniques or methods over others. You may refer to them here.

Below are a few UX evaluation methods:

Aesthetics scale

The aesthetic value of websites is determined using this technique. It outlines the two components of user perception: expressive and classical aesthetics.

Audio Narrative

Users describe their experiences in the form of a story using this technique. This experience is documented.

Controlled observation 

People are asked to test the system's colors or audio in a controlled setting. Videos showing facial expressions and other types of data are gathered.

Emotion cards

When testing web or mobile applications, users are given cards to test. Depending on the card, there would either be a predetermined emotion or a blank space. Users fill out emotional cards when they use the product.

Living lab method 

With this approach, research is done on user behavior in the context of their daily lives—this aids in comprehending how to create technologies that respect the complexity of life. 

Product Personality Assignment 

Customers fill out a questionnaire after looking at various product designs and giving each one a different personality. They must also explain their choice.

3. What main distinctions exist between designing for desktop and designing for mobile?

The motive of the question:

The interviewer wants to ensure that you understand the differences between desktop and mobile design as a UI/UX designer.

What you can answer is:

You can talk about certain variations:

Screen size 

The screen sizes for desktop and mobile devices are different. It has an impact on layout design. Mobile apps can only support pull-out menus, while desktop apps can support fixed navigation bars.


Mobile apps lack the functionality of the interactive cursor found in desktop applications, which can be fully utilized. Users must use gestures like swiping, shaking, or poking to interact with mobile apps. 

Organizing content  

We can use the multi-column format in desktop apps, providing way too many layouts and positioning options. Mobile apps must rely on scrolling. 


Mobile devices are preferred for quicker tasks, whereas desktop computers are preferred for longer, more complex tasks.

4. What are some of the most challenging situations you encountered as a UI/UX designer?

What are some of the most challenging situation you encountered as a UI-UX designer (1)

The capacity to evaluate one's work with objectivity is a quality of a great UI/ UX developer. There will always be challenges that every UI/ UX developer works to overcome effectively, regardless of where they are in their career.

Your responses should outline any difficulties you may encounter and your strategies for overcoming them.

You might need help to defend your design process to some stakeholders because it might seem excessively expensive and time-consuming. How do you get past these challenges?

It can be challenging to persuade a company, for instance, that it needs to conduct more thorough user research before developing a product. Or convincing them to incorporate usability testing throughout the product design lifecycle.

Finding new ways to conduct user research could be another difficulty. Due to the limited direct access that a remote UI/ UX developer has to their end users, this may prove particularly challenging for them. 

Another difficulty may be compiling, analyzing, and turning user qualitative and quantitative data into "actionable insights." A good UI/UX designer, however, has a technique for concentrating on the essential components and achieving the greatest return on investment.

How do you then advocate for those mentioned above in making your case?

Your responses must address how to deal with the difficulties of working with people with different goals. Working with experts from other fields, such as C-level executives, product managers, engineers, and visual designers, presents challenges for UX designers.

Additional queries on this subject:

  1.  Can you describe how you encountered one of these problems in a previous project and how you resolved it?
  2. What results did this strategy of yours produce?

5. What does a UI/ UX designer mean by "design thinking"?

What does a UI- UX designer mean by “design thinking” (1)

The motive of the question:

Here, the interviewer is attempting to comprehend how you approach design.

Your approach to this question must be:

You should walk them through your design process and explain your methodology. Inform them of your design concept and the method you use to create your ideas.

Discuss the various steps that make up the design thinking process.


The first step is to have an empathic understanding of the issue that needs to be solved. Here, you would seek the advice of professionals and pay attention to people's experiences to fully understand them.


The information you gathered in the first step is combined in the second step. After that, you analyze it to identify the main issue. 


In this step, you begin developing ideas while keeping the user's needs in mind.


The design team creates scaled-down versions of the product or features in the fourth step to test the viability of the solutions.


Utilizing the best solutions in the previous stage, you test the product and its features in the final step.


These top 5 UI/UX developer interview questions will help you gain insight into how a UI/ UX designer's interview is conducted.

There are several other questions along these 5, and knowing how to answer them will give you an edge over your competitors.

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