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May 16, 24

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Tracking tools in industries where thousands of workers utilize tools at job sites is a cumbersome process. Data collection in excel sheets or manual data entry in a register for tools usage involves plenty of time and effort. But with the technological advancements such as QR code, Barcode, GPS, many enterprise solutions for industrial problems have surfaced in the market. Today, investors investment is not limited to only consumer's apps. The rapid proliferation of mobiles in the previous years has changed the way the business invest their resources in infrastructure, machine, and tools. The fast forwarded businesses today are more likely to invest in something which is less tangible, Mobile App development. The winners are those brands who invest in software development early and deliver customer delight. The advances in technology and mobile UI has allowed smartphones to do the tasks that were done by computers ago. Industries like Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining, HVAC, etc operate efficiently with an incorporation of technologies in their work processes. They extensively deploy upgraded technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Mobile Enterprise Solutions to carry out their critical business operations. But, one of the major challenge posed by such industries is tool tracking. Keeping track of the tool's location being utilized, management of depreciation records and real-time alerts of inventory has become a vital and clumsy process for every organization to manage. So, tool tracking app is a common solution to all your problems be it bearing hefty losses and declining productivity arising out of delayed maintenance, tool theft or inefficient management of tool inventory.

Investments in Tool Tracking App

Many companies have already realized the potential of enterprise app like safety inspection app, which is built to safeguard the lives of workers at a workplace. With mobile asset management and tracking solutions, many businesses have saved $125 million over the past five years. Around, 66% of companies are likely to invest in entrepreneur apps. Overall, 30% of the Information Technology budget can be saved with the incorporation of effective mobile asset management. So, it's a golden opportunity for every entrepreneur to maximize their yield and optimize organizational efficiency.

Industrial concerns

Tool Theft Tool theft is a common solution at open-air workplaces. National Equipment Register says that in 2015, the number of tool theft complaints were 11,493 and number of tools recovered was only 2552. So, the first step is ensuring the safety of tools at first place. So, many companies are focusing on adapting technical ways for faster and convenient methods to tracks tools on job site using Barcodes, Global Positioning System (GPS) or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). With the help of inbuilt scanning technology, an organization can simply check in and out of tools to employees, locations. With the help of tool tracking app, workers are accountable for the tools in usage. Tool tracking App allows workers to fill details of tools as per its classification, type, location and time. Therefore, tool tracking apps improve the overall performance and efficiency of the organization. Tool Maintenance Periodic maintenance of tools and equipment can prevent hefty losses for the company. Timely management and periodic record of the condition of tools are required to optimize the workflow at the job site. Maintaining tool data at locations where thousands of workers work at open-air space using excel sheets or notepads is very laborious and inefficient. But, with the help of Tool tracking App fabricated with technologies like the Internet of Things or Cloud Technologies, details of any flaw or damage to the equipment can be easily recorded in the app. Tool tracking Apps helps to periodically schedule and track tool repairs thereby, encouraging the efficient and automated workflow in the organization. Faulty Excel-based Data There is another concern that every enterprise is optimized to get rid of. That is, a faulty collection of Excel sheets based data because there is a high susceptibility of manual errors in such systems. Even the minute manual error could prove fatal to the company. This can easily disrupt an investor's faith in one's brand or can cause a considerable loss to the company. Also, the issue of not being able to analyze the problem in the Real-time trigger further delays in the vital decision making and impacts the transparency of the work process. So, continuous accurate and real-time data makes management more productive. With the tool tracking apps, analysis of data is quite easy something that enables the organizations to intelligent decision making. So, it's the right time to blend in the mobile tracking solutions in your business. If you are facing similar hurdles in your industry. We at Relinns can offer you a complete set of solutions with powerful tool tracking apps that will reduce tool losses and cut down tool expenses. You can choose a wide range of features of solutions for tool tracking issues.

  1. Cloud Computing for fast and efficient synchronization of data with admin panel.
  2. SSL encrypted Tool tracking App to abstain your confidential data from online attacks.
  3. Management and analysis of tool history of each transaction using QR code or Barcode.
  4. Schedule and track Tool repairs
  5. Proper monitoring of tool with inbuilt GPS technology.
  6. User defined classification,type,condition of tools.
  7. The report including assignment of tools to workers, tool's history, depreciation.

Challenges can be converted into opportunities and strengths with a right technological partner. Create your own Tool tracking Enterprise App and convert your ideas into the reality.


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