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May 16, 24

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According to a joint study by the CII and KPMG, by 2025, more than 20 lakh jobs will be created in digital marketing.

While many brands and agencies do not advertise for online marketing jobs, has over 1.82 million jobs that are updated daily.

These numbers are an evidence that there is currently an increase in the demand for and popularity of digital marketing professionals. The salary range for a graduate without prior work experience is between Rs. 15–20K per month and Rs. 2.5–3 lakhs for the head of digital marketing at a major brand or advertising agency.

If you are preparing for a digital marketing interview and want to know how to answer digital marketing interview questions correctly, reading this blog will benefit you.

What are the 7 crucial steps to prepare for a digital marketing interview?

Here we list the seven significant steps to prepare for a digital marketing interview.

1. Create a stellar CV first.

Several people deem a curriculum vitae to be a means of increasing their chances of getting selected for an interview. Undoubtedly, the notion is true. However, there is more to a well-written curriculum vitae.

A curriculum vitae also serves as a framework for discussion of topics during a job interview. It does this by emphasizing your qualifications, mentioning your credentials, and sharing your accomplishments with your potential employer.

As a result, you should modify your resume to reflect the positions you have already pursued.

You can emphasize your accomplishments, skills, and qualifications that are most pertinent to the position you are applying for with a targeted, tailored CV. As a result, you convey a clear message about your greatest strengths and relevant skills to the interviewer.

Often, the qualifications you list on your resume significantly impact the types of questions you will be asked.

Thus, we suggest you to devote considerable time in tailoring and perfecting your CV for your digital marketing interview.

2. Display your prowess as a researcher.

Display your prowess as a researcher

Do you know what irks an interviewer during an interview?

It is a candidate who is unaware of the position they are applying for or the organization they are attempting to join.

Get as much information about a potential employer as possible before setting up a digital marketing interview.

You must gather information on the following:

  1. Look up the company on the internet and see its press conferences, announcements, and PowerPoint presentations that can provide you with valuable information on its current direction.
  2. Try to see whether they have developed any new developments and challenges.
  3. Read the company's Wikipedia page and familiarize yourself with the organization's new products and services. Furthermore, you can resort to reading about the company on GlassDoor.

Make thorough notes of any pertinent details you come across while researching the company. Learn about their company's culture, unique technologies, products, and other information you can bring up in your interview.

By doing this, you leave an indelible impression on the interviewer. It also demonstrates your knowledge of the accomplishments and efforts of their organization. It also exhibits your research skills and willingness to go the extra mile to bag this digital marketing job or internship.

3. Get comfortable answering the "essential few" questions.

Even if you have a thorough understanding of the business, you might run into a question you were surprised to find out. It takes one wrong answer to ruin a job interview, so ensure you are prepared for at least some of the questions you expect.

As a result, you should prepare a list of frequently asked digital marketing interview questions. Then practice and try to answer them appropriately.

There are several advantages to preparing ahead of time for critical questions. First, you will have brief, rational responses to the crucial questions. You will be able to respond quickly and add genuine value, setting yourself apart from other applicants.

The second, and possibly most significant, the advantage is that you will become more confident. You will not have to pause and start again, losing your momentum.

Instead, you will approach each question with the assurance that you know how to respond—not just satisfactorily but in a way that genuinely impresses the employer.

4. Make your online presence better.

Make your online presence better

 You may be surprised that 47% of employers check a candidate's social media profiles after receiving their application. Additionally, 27% of employers look at candidates' social media profiles after the first interview.

Aside from that, 4% of employers look at a candidate's social media profile before making a job offer. (Data from an AdWeek survey.)

As a result, perfect your social media presence before beginning the digital marketing interview process to ensure you take advantage of great opportunities.

Pro tip: Ensure your LinkedIn profile is updated and reflects your current skills.

5. Show that you have practical experience.

Employers choose to conduct interviews based on a candidate's credentials and abilities, but they are much more likely to make a hiring decision based on experience.

Take advantage of the interview to emphasize you're relevant practical experience.

Drive home your point when you describe how you would handle a problem or challenge with a specific example of how you have previously dealt with a situation of a similar nature.

Be as specific as you can with precise numbers, statistics, and improvements when discussing your prior accomplishments. Give specifics rather than round numbers because they are more likely to come across as advancements.

6. Make up a "story statement" for yourself.

Are you aware that most job candidates shy away from discussing their stories in interviews? Instead, they give a brief, cliched explanation of their professional background and interest in the position. The outcome is a statement about your career and barely says anything about you.

The objective is to give a brief overview of who you are and your background while relating it to the position you are applying for.

Therefore, we advise you to focus on your most pertinent strengths, interests, and passions in your personal story. Doing that will demonstrate that you are a highly motivated, exciting candidate.

7. The "classic" guidelines for job interviews still hold.

The “classic” guidelines for job interviews still hold.

 Before your interview for a position in digital marketing, keep in mind that the traditional "rules" for applying for jobs still hold. Therefore, you should:

  1. Be polite and introduce yourself to everyone you meet to create a positive first impression.
  2. To come across as someone who takes the opportunity seriously, you should always dress to the employer's standard or better.
  3. Be on time for your interview.
  4. You should carry extra copies of your resume and list of references.
  5. Slouching, fidgeting, chewing gum, and mumbling are bad habits to avoid.
  6. Maintaining good posture, making eye contact, and paying attention to your interviewer are all priorities.


We are optimistic that now you know how to prepare for your interview. Focusing on your CV and researching the company you are opting for are the two essential things you can always pay attention to.

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