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May 16, 24

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  • Introduction
  • Who are Node js Developers?
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  • 7 traits that every Node js Developer for hire should have (Technical Skills)
  • Interview Questions to ask before hiring Node js Developers
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Node js is famously called Node by many Developers. You can understand Node by saying it is the server side of JavaScript to work on HTTP requests by the clients. As famously said by Justin Beckwith, the Lead Product Manager at Google, " Node js is a real opportunity to make it easier for Developers to build high-performance applications and get it running onto the web in a really scalable way to deliver value to end users." 

After reading this blog, you will be familiar with the skills every Node js Developer should have to provide efficient programming and client services. Remember that practical understanding and experience are worth more than theoretical knowledge. Find the best in your candidates!

Who are Node js Developers?

To understand Node js Developers, you first need to know what Node js is and why developers use it.

We all are familiar with JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language that programmers use for front-end development. According to Statista, JavaScript is the most used language among programmers worldwide, with approximately 69% of developers using it to create web pages.

Node js is the back-end version of JavaScript. You can create back-end applications using Node js with your device. Developers can write user-side and server-side programs with the help of Node js.

Here are some features of Node js

  • It is free to use
  • It has an open-source environment
  • Node js runs on multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc. Node js Developers use it to develop sites and servers for clients. Every Node js developer should acquire skills and responsibilities to understand the development field.

As a Node js Developer, you will work on the server side but have to deal with front-end developers. Node js developers are on their way to becoming full-stack developers and the best for development at any company. 

Technical hiring

7 traits that every Node js Developer for hire should have (Technical Skills)

Here are some characteristics and skills that every Node js developer should have. If you are a Node js developer, you should be adept at these skills to have the best chances of recruitment. 

And if you are on your way to hiring Node js developers for your next project, keep in mind that your candidates are capable of learning new things. They should be aware of core skills and willing to learn new ones daily.

1. Hire Node js Developers with knowledge of basics

The Node js Developers for hire should have mastery in JavaScript and Node js. They should understand the download process, correct use of libraries and functions, architecture, ability to satisfy client needs, and files in Node js.

Knowing Node js architecture is the first step to becoming a Node js Developer for hire. You must be aware of the working of this language and its APIs. Moreover, you hold an advantage if you keep track of updates in Node js.

2. Front-end Development

Node js Developers closely work with Front-end programmers for the client-side of the website or application. If you are a Node js Developer for hire, you should understand programming for the user's end. 

Companies do not expect your major in every front-end programming language. But, it would help if you understand the factors affecting the user interface and the outcome of the front-end development on the design and website surface.

3. Hiring Node js Developers with Database Knowledge

There are two primary Database types. The relational Database uses SQL, and the other branch of the Database is No SQL. SQL or Structured Query Language is a processing technique. 

Developers use SQL to get access to Databases for editing and manipulation. Node js supports all Database types but works the best with No SQL Databases such as MongoDB. Developers require Databases with codebases to successfully run a program for the clients and users.

4. Cloud and Cloud Platforms

You should hire Node js Developers that understand the cloud and new updates in the cloud world every day. Imagine that a Developer creates a program on their personal computer. He runs one part of the program successfully. Now, they wish to work on the section of the program in the office. But, that Developer cannot take their personal computer to the workplace. 

How will they work further? Your Node js Developers for hire should understand the cloud platform and turns towards it for deployment anytime. Many cloud platforms exist in the market, like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. You can select less popular platforms like Heroku and Netlify.

5. Hiring Node js Developers with Security knowledge

When you are working on a web-related platform, security becomes a crucial aspect. The number of hackers has been increasing every day. While hiring Node js Developers, you should ensure that your Developers know how to authenticate the website or application and encrypt programs when necessary for maximum security.

6. Frameworks of web application

As the name suggests, Frameworks provide the body to any program. It is the support structure or skeleton that holds the program together. Imagine that you are writing an essay about the best node js developer Database. The title, outline, and conclusion will work as a framework for your essay.

There are three main types of Node js Frameworks. These are

  • MVC
  • Full-Stack MVC

The Node js Developers for hire should understand the working and use of each Framework type and be familiar with working with them. Here is a list of some well-known Frameworks in Node js.

  • Hapi.js
  • Koa. js
  • Derby. js
  • Express. js
  • Adonis. js

And many more.

7. Source Control and Git

Source Control is also called Version control, and every Developer should be familiar with the same. Node js developers no longer need to focus on Source control as they can use Git instead. Git will help you make your codes and program clean and easy to maintain and work with.

Interview Questions to ask before hiring Node js Developers

If you are wondering how to evaluate the skills of your Node js Developers before hiring them for your team, here is a list of questions you can ask! As a Node js Developer, you should know and be well acquainted with the skills. If you have the skill and are capable of programming, you will be able to answer the Interview questions.

  • What do you understand about the callback function?
  • Tell me something about NEPL in Node js.
  • Explain piping in Node js.
  • Tell me the steps to open a file in Node js.
  • What do you think will be your accomplishments as a Node js Developer?
  • What do you know about the exit nodes in Node js?
  • Tell me some types of HTTP requests.
  • What is the use of NODE_ENV?
  • What is WASI?
  • Explain different streams in Node js.

Final Words

The perfect combination of hard and soft skills is necessary for unstoppable success! While Technical aspects of skills are crucial when hiring Node js Developers, you should look for candidates that have the required people skills for the workplace. 

As a Node js Developer, we understand that you wish to focus on your programming abilities and associated traits to land great projects.

However, it would be best if you gave time to develop your soft skills. Most importantly, you should be able to communicate your way through things. You should express yourself freely in the Interview. After the company hires you, you should know how to communicate with your co-workers and seniors. Moreover, you should display your creative and innovative side in the workplace and direct yourself to problem-solving and helping everyone around!


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