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May 16, 24

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Have you ever thought about why hiring managers ask behavioral interview questions?

Behavioral interview questions aim to help hiring managers understand a candidate's personality and behavior in the workplace. Additionally, they can be a good indicator of a candidate's ability. That is, it helps them know whether the candidate will work well in a group or whether they will be more productive alone. 

The fact that past behavior in one company often predicts future behavior in another is a crucial justification for asking behavioral interview questions. Therefore, behavioral interview questions assist hiring managers in making the best decision when selecting candidates for positions within their company or organization.

If you also have a behavioral interview scheduled, kindly go through these top 5 tips for answering behavioral interview questions. These tips will help you ace your interview.

How to answer behavioral interview questions with ease?

Here we list the top 5 tips for answering behavioral interview questions like a pro. You can incorporate these points into your preparation strategies to impress your interviewer.

1. Please research the company, its offerings, and its services.

Please research the company, its offerings, and its services

Learn more about the company's offerings by visiting its website. They might have a blog where they post information about their accomplishments, processes, and tools.

Use that information to determine whether you want to work for this company, what you might enjoy there, how your experience and skills complement what the company is doing, and how you can contribute.

For instance, the business might be bringing its product to other regions. It might be relevant if you have some experience in internationalizing applications. You can assist with localizing the user interface, adding support for new payment options, etc.

Thanks to this information, your knowledge of the company and its products will be evident in the interview. Furthermore, it will help you make your responses relevant to the issues the company is facing.

2. Practice answering common questions.

Practice answering common questions

For sample interview questions or candid candidate experiences, visit the company page on Glassdoor. If there is nothing at all, look up a list of typical behavioral interview questions online. Practice responding to them. Asking for assistance from a friend who can provide feedback is ideal.

Make sure your responses are concise and last only a few minutes. Long monologues can be challenging for interviewers to follow.

Always have two or three examples prepared for questions that ask for them. If the interviewers probe further and pose follow-up queries, that might be helpful.

Some examples might work for multiple questions. As a result, if the interviewer does not ask you a question for which you have prepared examples, you can still use them with a different pertinent question.

3. Know your past experiences inside and out.

At first, this may seem absurd because some individuals may believe everyone is familiar with their own experiences. However, what we mean when we say "very familiar" is that in addition to knowing what happened in the past, you should also be able to explain everything simply and smoothly.

You should, first and foremost, be well-prepared to give a concise overview of your background.

Without a doubt, the most typical question asked at the outset of an interview is, "Tell me about yourself." Some people speak incessantly about their experiences until the interviewer cuts them off. Others might go into a ton of technical details, which would be very difficult for someone without the necessary background to understand.

The recommendation is to be well-prepared for a version that lasts for about a minute and only covers high-level topics.

Second, you should be able to explain most of the technical specifics. The interviewers may choose one or two topics from your experience to further discuss with you during a technical or behavioral interview. It might be something important to the business or something they find attractive.

Last but not least, although it is uncommon, it is still possible to be asked, "What is the most difficult project you have ever done?"

Spending some time getting ready for questions of this nature is beneficial.

Pro Tip: Answer the behavioral questions utilizing the STAR method. The abbreviation STAR stands for situation, task, action, and result. Using the STAR technique, develop some examples and construct a story. It would enhance the quality and content of the response.

4. Not selling yourself.

A behavioral interview is designed to help you sell yourself and demonstrate to the interviewer why you are the best candidate for the position. In other words, you are free to highlight your accomplishments here.

Nevertheless, avoid being obnoxious about it. Instead, don't be afraid to speak with assurance about your accomplishments.

When discussing work you completed as a member of a team, you run the risk of unintentionally underselling your abilities. Yes, telling them you have worked as a team is essential, but you should also emphasize your individual successes. When referring to what you did, use "I" rather than "we."

5. Not being genuine

Not being genuine

Do you know what comes across as a counterfeit answer to a behavioral interview question like "What is your weakness?"

Replying to the interviewer by saying that you "work too hard" or "enjoy working under pressure" is the prime example of covering up your drawbacks, making them think you are not genuine while answering their question.

Undoubtedly, you want to market yourself. But choosing a quality popularly regarded as positive suggests that you are trying to hide your flaws and are not confident about them.

Therefore, we suggest you focus on sharing authentic stories and connecting them to the qualities the company seeks in its employees.

You do not need to be flawless if you follow that. You are not expected to be perfect. You need to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are someone they can work with.


Do you now know how to go about your behavioral interview questions? We are optimistic that you have all the required information with you directly.

You must remember that perseverance is the key to success. You should not let one failure dampen your spirits. 

It means, if you do not get selected at one company, you should keep going and try your luck at other companies.

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