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May 16, 24

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The world of technology is overflowing with developers; however, only the talented ones thrive. And staying relevant and in demand has become challenging, but it is possible.

Every job you come across demands you to be at par in order to succeed, and the only way you can do so is by acquiring the required skills.

If you are a MERN stack developer (fresher, specifically) and want to ensure that you get an internship and excel at it, then having a good command of a few technologies becomes a must!

Without further ado, let us dive into the blog and read about the top seven MERN technologies every fresher should know.

What is a MERN stack?


MERN stands for MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS and allows a developer to construct a three-tier architecture using just JavaScript and JSON.

Let us briefly read about the constituents of the said stack below:

MongoDB (Runs on any Platform)

MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database program that is popular for its flexibility and scalability and is capable of meeting the most detailed requirements .

Another remarkable point of MongoDB is that it has a huge capacity for high-volume data storage and provides developers with numerous drivers in several languages.

React (Front end development)

This declarative JavaScript framework is used for creating dynamic client-side apps in Hypertext Markup Language. 

A MERN stack developer can build complex interfaces through simple components, connect them to data on their backend server and render them as Hypertext Markup Language.

Node JS (JS Runtime Environment)


Node JS lets a MERN stack developer execute JavaScript code outside a web browser. This makes it easy for them to develop fast and scalable server-side web applications.

Express JS (Back end framework)

Express JS is a backend framework within Node JS and lets a developer design and build single, multi, or hybrid web applications.

What are the top 7 MERN Stack Technologies every fresher should know?


Venturing into unknown territories is always scary; no one knows it better than freshers who enter the IT world.

Getting all jittery before anything new is part and parcel of life. 

However, we can help you boost your confidence by informing you of the technologies you must know as a fresher—who aims to enter the arena of MERN stack technologies.

Let us get started!

#1. Hypertext Markup Language

A MERN stack developer should have a good command of Hypertext Markup Language as it helps them make their websites appear more appealing. 

A developer uses Hypertext Markup Language to instruct a web browser on how and where to place every element on a page.

Besides helping with the page layout, it lets a MERN stack developer give proper instructions regarding graphics, tables, titles, colors, fonts, and headings.

#2. Cascading Style Sheets

"Cascading Style Sheets" lets a MERN stack developer assign the proper color combination to their webpage's various elements (text, buttons, tables, etc.)

Thus, as a MERN stack developer, you must know how to work with CSS to segregate formatting and content. 

Doing so ensures that your web pages will be compatible with different screen sizes and devices.

#3. JavaScript

Dynamic websites excite people more than static ones. 

As a result, you must also know how to code your web pages' behavior (that is, render them more interactive and dynamic) using JavaScript.

This means that now you can include button colors, videos, slideshows, audio, animations, etc., in your websites.

#4. Visual Studio VS code

Stack Overflow states that around 70% of professional web developers use Visual Studio code, bestowing on it the title of "the most popular developer environment too."

Web developers cherish Visual Studio VS code, for it lets them add extensions to customize their apps and can be used with an array of programming languages. 

Apart from this, VS code simplifies the coding process and helps immensely with removing potential bugs and errors with the help of its built-in debugging and syntax highlighting. 

Thus, a MERN stack developer must recognize the importance of Visual Studio Code.

#5. Git


As a MERN stack developer, you will be required to experiment with your code in order to enhance your application's functionality. 

While doing so, you might encounter a slew of errors, making you want to go to the previous sound version of your piece of code.

It is made possible with the availability of several versions of control systems, and Git is one of them. 

The reasons for Git being MERN stack developers' first choice are that it is scalable, free, fast, and decentralized. 

Also, it lets two MERN stack developers work on the same piece of code simultaneously without overriding each other.

#6. Sass

A MERN stack developer needs to know how to use Sass. Sass stands for syntactically Awesome Stylesheet and is one of the CSS pre-processors used to simplify the process of eliminating repetition and adoring a website.

It is popular among the masses because it adds several features to Cascading Style Sheets, such as inheritance, imports, variables, nested rules, and built-in functions. 

Thus, those dabbling in MERN technologies must learn all about Saas as it is a well-supported, reliable, and potent CSS pre-processor.

#7. Bootstrap

Bootstrap and JavaScript templates let a MERN stack developer quickly design and customize responsive websites. 

The Bootstrap framework is a MERN stack developer's go-to framework, showing that 22% of all websites use Bootstrap today.

Therefore, you should work on your knowledge of Bootstrap before sitting for an interview.


MERN stack technologies have become an integral part of our world today. 

Developers use them to develop cloud-based, JSON-heavy apps that need dynamic web interfaces. That is, you can build news aggregation, workflow management solutions, calendars, to-do apps, and interactive forums or social products, thanks to the said stack.

Keeping the things one can craft using the MERN stack in mind, it is not wrong to say that competent MERN stack developers are undoubtedly in demand. You can also be one of them!

The ladder to success makes it clear that initially, you must become well-versed in these seven technologies and intern at a reputed company.

Several companies offer internships to MERN stack freshers, and Relinns Technologies is also one of them.  Relinns Technologies values the importance of keeping the fun factor intact while providing interns with a platform to grow and groom their skills.  Head to our website Relinns Technologies right away to ensure that you do not miss out on learning in a healthy work environment.



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